Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Luke!

I can't believe that our Luke is 6 yrs old...

He has been home for 3 yrs now and the time has gone by much too fast...

I precious child of God's with a severe heart condition.
Well, actually with many severe heart defects.

Our Lord God healed him by having his heart surgery in 

Yep, you read that right.
His American foster Mommy fought hard in China to get this boy the surgery he desperately needed.
It was life saving surgery.
Praising GOD for Linsay and Bill and their desire to serve you by caring for the sick orphans in China.
Praising GOD for Jenny who lovingly cared for him as if he were her own son while in Israel.
Praising GOD for HIS miracle healing of our dear son!

He does everything like a normal little boy now!

It makes me fall to my knees in thankfulness!

LUKE- you are 6 years old!
You are a treasured son and you bless everyone that meets you!

Luke loved his birthday gifts 
BUT then he would have 
loved anything we would have given him!
That is just who he is!

And BTW older sibs-
this is what you gave him for his b-day!
It's a Ninja Turtle art set!
He loves it!

For his special event he chose Build a Bear for the boys!
(I know I should have a pic but it was a Saturday and it was crowded).
All four boys got a bear/turtle of their choice and all the party goers got an outfit for their bears!

Then we visited the Lego store at MOA.
and had lunch at 
(where they refused to sing him
Happy Birthday
because they took a survey and found that others do not want them to sing it...)
We must not have been part of that survey...

 we sang it anyways!

Madeline is trying her hardest NOT to blow out Luke's candles!

Once again,
it was a wonderful birthday
and our baby boy
is now 6 yrs old!

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Sue said...

Happy birthday Luke.