Sunday, December 7, 2014

Happy To Be Here! Updated a little!

We are so happy to be at our home away from home for a couple days!

It's just the two of us!

At an island paradise!

We have been visiting Marco Island for 30 years!
The first time we went with Hubby's parents!

Then my parents started going to Marco Island, too.
Both sets of parents were in the same complex!

We brought the first set of 5 down here and divided up between the two homes-
it was fantastic!
Such wonderful memories!

Now we have the pleasure of bringing our 13 little kiddos to this glorious place!

not this time!
This is Mom and Dad only time!

Feeling peaceful, thankful, and prayerful!

We have had a wonderful time! Tomorrow we head home!
We miss the children but NOT the weather!

Today, with another couple we rescued a seagull with a broken wing.
The little guy is going to Naples now to recuperate!

So far this is the only pic of the two of us!
AND it not looking like there will be another one.

This was my first attempt at a selfie...
I think it will be my last ;-)
I guess there was a little tooooo much zoom!
The others after it were even worse-
who knew noses could look so large in a selfie...
very unfortunate!

Goodbye for now beautiful beach!


Sherri said...

Wow that is totally beautiful! I lived in Naples for 18 yrs and been to Marco many times. Would love to meet you and your family one day. And being Marco is fairly close.

likeschocolate said...


Lori said...

A well-deserved time away! Enjoy every second of it! May you experience His presence as you enjoy time together!

Megan said...

Enjoy!!! What a beautiful place to be :)

From the Erben Gang..... said...


Unknown said...

Looks like a well deserved break!!

What resort is that? I am considering taking my family for a short post-chemotherapy break and that looks fabulous!!


Jo's Corner said...

Enjoy, Sweet Friend/Sister! You deserve it! Love You.

Steph M said...

Beautiful! Enjoy your time together to the fullest!! We woke up to everything covered in ice this morning!

cantonlace said...

This is wonderful !