Wednesday, December 31, 2014

More December Fun!

All of the children are so helpful with sweet baby Emily!

Papa is so happy to be a grandpa!
It is a delightful thing to be!

And this Nana is loving being a Grandma!
Do you see the two new teeth our little one has!
Love 'em!

And she has discovered her tongue too!

Emily was 8 months and one week in the pics!

Katie and Emily will return in January- so glad!
Now we get to see her at 9 months!

We went to the play "Rudolph" at stages theater!
Three plays and one concert for the holidays- check!

My treasures from China love the baby toys as much as Emily does!
They missed out on their time to play with toys like this.

When we went shopping for a few baby toys for the house our kiddos were in heaven!
They touched, pushed, turned everything they could get their hands on in the toy store.
I was thinking I should just take them to the toys aisle for an outing-
 I know they would be thrilled.
But, I not sure what condition we would leave the toys in !

Now that Emily is a little bigger and more sturdy Ava can carry her!

Emily loves to stand and walk with our help!

When it was time for them to leave (and go see Andrew) Kate had a few too many things in the suitcase! Oops!
Plus, Penny wanted to go along...
Poor dear, was stuck with us!

Thanks for including us in your travels, honey!
Next stop Germany to see Andrew!

Emily has her comfy cute let's ride in the airplane clothes on!
She did great in the plane and slept most of the way!

And poor poor sad Penny sat by the door for hours and hours and hours...
In the beginning she wanted nothing to do with us but after awhile she cheered up a little and by evening she was back to her old self!

Ava loves animals and is very good with them. 
Penny sleeps with Ava at night. 
We brought her in the first two nights but now she goes in there all by herself

Anna, Melissa, Ava and Ben take piano lessons!

They played their Christmas songs for us at the end of their class!
All four have their lesson at the same time!
This works out well for our family!
Mia and Sarah have learned how to play their songs, too!

And we did go look at kitties, too!
More on that in a future post!

Penny is happy and well adjusted now!
I think she is liking our home!

2014 has been a wonderful year~
Excited for the New Year!

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