Friday, December 12, 2014

More of Emily!

I still haven't posted the rest of the pics from our time with Emily and Katie!

And I need to do this NOW
because guess who will be arriving in less than an hour!

You guessed it!
That cute little girl with the coral color bow on her head!
And her Momma and sister/doggy Penny!

We went to baby yoga classes with them when we visited!

NO matter how much we see each other...
it's not enough!

I wish they lived closer but for now we will be happy that we are able to see each other as much as we can!
Sarah and Mia loved the time with their niece although once we were heading home they both said they missed the other children at home!

Papa is flying here with them!
He had some business to do in Colorado, so the timing worked out great!

When we visited them hubby/ Papa met us for lunch before flying home!
Emily is checking him out!

And has decided that she definitely likes him!

And will now, 
bang on the table and squeal with glee to show her approval!

Just checking us out one more time!

We love being Grandparents!

Grandchildren are such an amazing blessing!

Her Momma is definitely one of her favorites!
We need to perfect her kissing skills!
I think she is taking a bite out of her Momma's face!

She likes the view from her Papa's arms!

Emily is 7.5 months in these pics but she's 8.5 months now!

Hope to be posting more pics of our Emily with our kiddos at home!

Feeling Blessed!


Terry said...

She is adorable!

altman5 said...

Oh my goodness, she is too cute. How many months is she now? :)