Sunday, July 5, 2015

An Eventful 4th of July!

I'm starting this 4th of July post with a cute picture...
but part of our day wasn't so cute...

Yes, this day had a very rough start for us...
We were heading to the pool for a 4th of July celebration when we notice one of our tires was extremely low- so we went to the gas station to get air
and since we were there,
 decided to get gas...
and we did...
except we got the wrong kind...
We put unleaded in our diesel engine.
That is a huge no no and completely ruins the engine.

Thankfully we realized it right away and called for help.
AAA found the only service center open in the Minneapolis area on the holiday 
and Sylvia was towed.
There was a screw in the tire and they patched it.
They siphoned out the gas but she still needs to be professionally
"cleaned out"
before we can drive her... again.
Meaning completely remove the gas tank, filters, etc and rinse them with diesel gas.
She was towed a second time to a new place that can do this on Monday.

Don't let hubby's smile fool you...
We were bummed but decided to not let it ruin the holiday.

We just happened to run into an acquaintance who drove me to our home so I could get our Yukon XL and start the carpooling to the pool!

We life gives you lemons...
make lemonade!

We missed a few of the events but made it for the...

three legged race!

Sam and Anna were partners!

Ava and Melissa partnered up and so did Abby and Madeline!

Melissa and Ava diligently practice on occasions!
They came in 3rd place!
Abby and Madeline are much too happy go lucky 
to bother practicing!

Sarah and Mia got third place!
Emma and Ellie had a strong finish!
They did well and walked methodically to the finish line!
Way to go girls!

Despite our earlier troubles, we had fun!

They kids loved the hula hoop contest, too!

Then they, and many other kids dove for money!
It was kind of crazy but everyone came up with a few coins!

A quick stop at home for showers and 4th of July clothes, along with a few pics and...

we headed back for dinner and bingo!

Hubby and I love to sit in the middle of the table!
That way we can talk with everyone and supervise everyone!

We played bingo after dinner!

And Melissa won the big pot of money!

Then it was time for fireworks!
It was a perfect evening!
The jackets were just for protection from the mosquitoes.

What a wonderful way to end the day!
So thankful for the freedom we have in the USA!
Praise GOD!
Happy Independence Day to all of you!


Jboo said...

Wow -- you amaze me with all you do! Turned out to be a fun day! Hope poor Sylvia recovers! ;)

ourchinagirls said...

Something you haven't touched on that I am curious about. We have five girls and three of them have started their periods. I have already wished I had bought stock in Playtex or Kotex :) Two were 10 years old and our oldest was 14 before she started. We also are in the country and have a septic tank, so no flushing of personal protection items. How have you addressed this with all your girls? I spoke privately to the two oldest well before the time came. Of course, they shared with their little sisters. I am glad that it is all out in the open and we have no secrets here. Would love to hear how you have handled this "monthly" ritual??

Kristi said...

Great fireworks picture looks almost lie the star of David :)

Kate said...

The same thing happened to my family in France. We were on our way to Mont Saint-Michel. The gas station attendant filled the gas tank with the incorrect fuel and we had to wait for the car to be drained. It was a long wait so we explored the town. It was an adventure that I will never forget. Glad that everything worked out in the end.

momtomany said...

I did the same thing while on vacation in New York State from Florida. I was alone with 13 kids (hubby was home working) and filled my high top diesel bus with gas. Couldn't fine anyone to tow me as our van is over 9 feet tall! finally we got it to the dealership and had to do the same thing you are doing. Over 900 dollars later I got my bus back! I could not believe I did that. Made for some interesting memories!

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