Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Note To Self...

Note to self- 
don't attempt to do the 2 yr post placement paragraph 
with your tween/teen 
when they are hungry 
and/or nervous because
they are about to be tutored in reading 
(by a very nice lady). 

When you ask them "How has your experience been so far?" 
They may look at you like
you are from mars
or like
you have a huge booger in your nose
or like
I have no intention of answering you because
I am starving hungry and it's lunchtime and you mother, 
should be making lunch not asking me this stupid question...

Plus, I do not want to see a tutor for reading 
I don't even know what a tutor is...
(and that's why YOU ARE seeing a tutor-
vocabulary, comprehension, language development, 
yadda, yadda, yadda)

All this was accomplished by one look...
"the look"
you know,
"the look"

she grunted


with that grunt came the shrug...
uh huh,
the shrug of one shoulder!

So I did what any other good Mom would do and 
I decided that I probably was going to have to write this thing myself.
Of course, I would base it on what her potential attitude would be 
if she were to have 
 a full tummy,
a good night sleep,
and lots of presents to open!

Hey, what's wrong with picking the best moments
 to reflect our daughters true feelings of having her very own forever family!

I could see that this was not going to go well...
yet, we needed to get it done asap!
(it was only 5 months late)

So I fed her
and the others.
I had her go in with the tutor first.
Once she figured out that it was actually kind of fun and she liked it - 
she was no longer afraid and 
she was a more willing participant in the 2 year post placement paragraph.

In order to go to horseback riding that afternoon we had to get it done right away. 
Horseback riding just so happens to be her favorite thing in the whole wide world! 

By golly, it was no problemo at all!
She did it in 5 minutes and made it to horseback riding on time. 
Which I will repeat,
is her most favorite thing to do in the whole wide world!

It's funny how that works!

Do ya need any more help with this parenting thing cause 
I got it down!
I'm rockin it!

(not really... at all...)
I'm doubling up on the prayers now that they are turning into teens!
It's a whole new ball game!

And don't remind me that I will have 7 that will become teens all at about the same time...
Okay, I tripling up on the prayers!


McChesney Family said...

moms just got to do what they got to do.
You are an awesome mom !

Jennie said...

Mia is beautiful!

QPT said...

Lovely Parents and Kids!!!God bless You!!!
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