Monday, October 19, 2015

And then came subtraction!

Well, our home school was moving along splendidly 

we met up with subtraction!

 I knew it was too good to be true.
Everybody in my little 1st grade was learning and "getting it".

We were understanding addition just fine!

But subtraction threw this crew for a loop!

And as Luke said, "Mommy, plusses were much easier!"

Darn subtraction...
I even stood the 4th grade up in front of the class and we subtracted Mulvahill's!
There was a look of bewilderment in the crowd!

With practice and more practice they have starting to slowly catch on!

This group of kiddos can be challenging because
they have all sorts of learning challenges, preferences and needs
it is so rewarding when
they finally
"get it"!

So we press on!
Everyday we work on our reading and our math!
Very thankful to have a preplanned program like Abeka video!
I can be a Momma and then switch hats and 
be a teacher without hours of preplanning.

Don't get me wrong.
I would love to be able to be more creative and
adventurous in our learning.
But with this many kiddos,
I'm just thankful that we are covering all the important stuff 
and somehow it all works!

Loving homeschooling!


Sarah said...

Kind of thinking about a pre-planned curriculum next year for G and K. They LOVE to play. School...not so much! I feel like I'm missing some things with these two!

Jo's Corner said...

Hi Jean, Have you ever checked Leslie's blog and her teachers "stuff" that she sells online? You do have her on your sidebar under "Home schooling blogs you enjoy", so I'm guessing you may have. She has some incredible lesson plans/activities that I have suggested to others. And, they are fun! Praying that subtraction falls into place for ALL of your students. Hugs, Jo

likeschocolate said...

I have one who is having a hard time doing subtraction too! The whole borrowing thing is throwing him for a loop.

Anonymous said...

I have never commented, but stumbled across your blog a year ago and enjoy reading your adventures. As a former first grade teacher and now. Third grade teacher, subtraction understanding comes easy with food :). Have them count out the number of food (Cheerios, m&ms, chocolate chips, grapes, etc) and then they write an equation...and eat it to "see" how many are left. You don't have to be too creative, just willing to let them snack!

Janet said...

I was sooo much more creative with my 2 big kids. Now we just try to get through it with everyone happy. We love ABeka, but finally used part of the video program this year to catch up after a move. Now that we are back on track, I may just try to use it every few years.
If you want to get more creative; take a week or two break, and do a unit study of a favorite subject or book. Also, we have done a craft day when big kids are home to help.
Oh, and for the older ones, have you looked at Progeny Press study guides? The have them for all ages, but older ones could do independantly. My big kids used them some.

Penny said...

I assume you have math manipulatives? Something small that they can handle (getting tactile input as well as visual and verbal input) will give them much more concrete experience that full-sized Mulvahills. :)

Also, have you tried calling it "take away"? "Five, take away three" maybe be easier to wrap their heads around - especially if there's something they're literally picking up and taking away, then counting what remains - that "Five minus three", which is abstract.

Penny said...


K said...

Subtraction stumped my daughters for two years! Borrowing is something they are just now able to do, but not with understanding and I don't know if I gave it to my 11.5 yr. old if she'd still remember it two month later. I'll experiment tomorrow. My daughters get hung up on the language of subtraction as well as the concept. We did use manipulatives a ton. It helped them get the right answer but didn't help them truly understand the relationships of numbers.