Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween 2015! UPDATED!

The day isn't even over with and it's already been a success!
The children LOVE to dress up in their costumes!

The big girls are a Minion, The Cat in the Hat and 
Thing 1 and Thing 2!

The little girls are Cinderella, Elsa, a Witch, Anna and Rapunzel!
The wigs were a big hit!

And of course our Ninja Turtles!
(A repeat from last year!)

Our community has a celebration called "Boo Blast"
and all the children look forward to it!
This year we had to wait until the rain stopped
before venturing out!

We met our friends there and went "Trick or Treating" together!

Once we are back home the children have to inspect their loot!

The hot tamales surprised them and they needed water FAST!

Sam has 9 kit kats!

They look forward to this day
Although, I like Halloween it is not my favorite holiday 
but we do enjoy how much the children

Two stuck together, jackpot!

No Mom...
I am not planning to share with you!
(just kidding... I think)

Which one would YOU chose?
Big decisions are being made at our house!

And of course, we had to categorize the candy 
and then inspect it 
before choosing the next one to eat!

She's searching for her favorite candy!

Lots of giggles and fun!

The forecast changed last minute and our sunshine and clear skies didn't arrive until sunset...
So this is a perfect way to end the afternoon!

Biggest bubble he has even done!



Mike Wazowski(monsters inc) needed to check out the fire!
The kitty cats are very curious when there is anything new!

A couple days ago we carved pumpkins!

The kids divided into groups and worked together to clean, design and carve their pumpkins.

Euwwww, yucky!
But they still did a great job!

Some of the children could do their own but others cannot
due to their age
or special need so
groups worked out perfectly!

It's good to learn to work together!

Lots of planning went into their pumpkins!
So sorry I did not get a pick of the finished products- I will try to do that tomorrow!

Big bro Johnny joined us for neighborhood trick or treating!
Since we don't live in a neighborhood we took a short drive to one!

We made the children eat pizza
just to break the candy, candy, candy, trend!

As parents- it is a joy to see our children have fun on this holiday
but we do have a plan.
I would never be okay with them actually eating every ounce of this... junk.
Each of our children got between
4-5 lbs of candy.
That's approximately 60 lbs of candy total...
Oh yikes!

we let them enjoy their candy after trick or treating.
After dinner they get to choose three candies for dessert.
It will be snack and dessert tomorrow, too.
Then they will give a bunch to donate!
And finish up their favorites the next day.

Enjoy your dinner
and then
you can have more candy!

The children did such a great job on the pumpkins!
They did it ALL themselves!
I think we can do more next year!

Too bad no one comes to trick or treat at our house...
Country living!

The end of daylight savings time was a bit hard on Luke!

Blessings on your Halloween and All Saints Day!

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