Thursday, October 15, 2015


We are doing something we have never done before!

We are hosting a precious child from China!

An 8 yr old boy!

He will come to the USA in mid December and spend three weeks with us.

We are all excited to meet him and show him what family life at our house, is like!

This is an adventure for all of us.
I have many feelings swirling around my head.
My biggest concern is saying goodbye to him...
I've never had to do that...
It's always been welcome to the family, let the journey begin!
This time we will spend three weeks with him and then 
send him back to his orphanage...
(deep breath)

But after much prayer we decided 
we can't let fear stop us from doing something that is good.
We have to trust God and move forward.

During our time with him we cannot talk about adoption.
These kids have already experienced too many losses.
So we cannot get his hopes up or ours.
We need to trust God and enjoy our time together and then
"see what happens" after he goes back to China.

I have had mixed feelings on the hosting programs...
1. Do they create more harm then good for the orphan?
2. What about the tears that will be shed when he leaves
(by him and by all of us)?
3. What about our children at home? Will they begin to fear that they will have to go back?

For some reason we feel peace with this...
This child will get to have an experience he otherwise never would have had.
Our family will have an opportunity to make him feel at home and 
hopefully bring him much love and happiness.
Our children will see what being the hands and feet of Jesus really means
and will hopefully desire to step out in faith as they grow older.
Our children are pretty secure and know that we are their forever family.
We will also remind them that they are
our children forever and will not be going back to China!

Will we adopt him or not?
We don't know?

If the doors of adoption open up to us and we feel he is our son...
If we cannot adopt him or we do not feel that he is our son
we will have tons of information, videos and picture of him!
Then we can advocate for him and the family that is meant to adopt him 
will benefit from this too! 
He will go into his real adoption with feeling prepared
and understanding what being in a family is all about.
He will have an understanding of what meeting his new family "looks like"
and therefore not be afraid.

Question you may ask if you have not adopted before.
1. Will the child speak English?
No, he will only speak mandarin. 
We have adopted 13 kiddos and hubby and I do not speak mandarin. It always seems to work out just fine. We will have a friend come and visit us that is from China(maybe twice a week). She will translate what we need to have translated to him. We do lots of charades and pointing, smiling, nodding, shaking our head and we begin to teach him some english! We also will learn a few simple Chinese words from him!

2. Our foods are so different what will he eat? 
We try to give him familiar foods in the beginning such as rice, fruits, ramon, eggs and local Chinese food. Early on, we plan to introduce american foods. In the past our adopted children have enjoyed the American foods pretty quickly. 

3. What about jet lag?
Yes, his timing will be all off in the beginning but we will just work with it the best we can.

Here are some of the sweet faces of the children that still wait.

9 yr old boy
He likes drawing, cats and toy cars!
He is described as shy, friendly and helpful!

12 yr old girl
She likes animals, dolls and drawing!
She is described as playful, happy and friendly!

This sweet 7 yr old boy likes running, candy and drawing!
He is helpful, playful and friendly!

This adorable 8 yr old girl loves dolls, dancing and music.
She is quiet, friendly and shy!

Beautiful children that need forever families!

Here are quotes from families that have hosted in the past.

“She was a pure joy to have in our home. She was so easy to love and she will be missed. We set out to be a blessing to her but she was the one who blessed us!”

“We are so in love with this little boy. He is funny, sweet, well-mannered boy and has such a loving heart. We feel overwhelmingly blessed that he came into our lives.”
“For us, hosting was an opportunity to share our lives and our many blessings with someone from another part of the world – someone who has not been as fortunate as we have. While people tell us we did a nice thing for her, we are the ones who have been enriched. We have been inspired by her courage and joy for life –even in the face of less than ideal circumstances.”
“This entire experience has been amazing, and one we will never forget. She will forever have a piece of our hearts. Seeing her experience new things, and have things of her own, and see her blossom has been so rewarding. This has also opened our eyes and hearts to adoption, especially adoption of an older child.”

If you would like to know more about hosting an orphan please click on the link below!

There are only a few more days left to sign up for hosting!
Plus the children now have huge grants
for new hosting families!
12 children still wait...


lizzielou said...

Go family go!!! I would totally have mixed feelings and emotions swirling in my head too, mostly about having to say goodbye. But I love the fact that you all have peace about it, that means its from God. Bless you all for doing this, I think it is wonderful!!!! Much love to you Jean, from Canada xo

grtlyblesd said...

What an adventure! I looked into hosting this year, too, but we don't really have room, and I was a little dismayed at the price tag. After deciding that wouldn't work for us right now, I got the opportunity to go to China on an advocacy trip instead. I'm *really* excited about it! I hope we'll get a chance to host someday, but I think things turned out for the best this time around.

amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Do any of your children retain any Mandarin or did they speak Catonese? Perhaps a few words will come out and they'll be able to help you. He looks like he is scared to death.

Good luck and God Bless.

altman5 said...

So excited for you, Jean! We would love to do hosting in the future, as well. (And we would be "gulping" too.) But God can work despite our fears and He has a good plan for this precious boy's life.

Laurel said...

I think it is WONDERFUL that you are opening your home to another precious child! Short term or long term, he will be BLESSED to be in your home.

I had to laugh, though, when you said . . .

"He will go into his real adoption with feeling prepared
and understanding what being in a family is all about.
He will have an understanding of what meeting his new family "looks like"
and therefore not be afraid.

If he is adopted by another family, he may expect a house FULL of playmates, and be disappointed that there are "only" 2 or 4 or 6 siblings.

:) :) :)

Zanmei said...

It would be great if God opened the door for you to adopt this child, and he looks like he would fit right in. Your family is fantastic, but I have to agree with Laurel's comment, an average-sized family would probably be a let-down after staying with your wonderful children :-)

Sarah said...

So excited for this little guy, and for your family. Praying that God makes everything clear and that he find his forever family (either your family, or another family, as you advocate for him).

Danae said...

I'm so excited to follow your journey of hosting......It's something we have discussed and are hoping to do it next summer! You beautifully put words to my thoughts and concerns about hosting and answered those thoughts and concerns as well, thank you!