Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Happy Birthday Johnny!

22 years ago we had our youngest bio baby!

The truth is...
when they did the ultrasound
I was shocked!
(I am a OB nurse so I could read it right away.)
At home we had a boy, a girl, a boy and a boy...
this dear boy was supposed to be a girl!

Well, needless to say we were blessed beyond belief by this boy 
and he is the light of our lives!
(I can say that because you know they are ALL the light of our lives!)

Since we have been watching Johnny play soccer this fall, 
all of the boys want to be soccer players...just like him!

There driveway soccer games are adorable!

A little one on one!

There was a select crowd that was invited to this party!

Sooooo why is he staring off into space like this?
He's not!
He is multi tasking and watching the Viking game!

All the kids do art work and make cards when there's a birthday at our house!

Another quick sneak peak at the game!
We actually just tied it up here!

And what did we give him?
Yep, underwear!

Boxers and tees!
He couldn't be happier!

And some nice pants!
I try to get him to dress nicer!

And a gift certificate for new soccer shoes!

Then we took the bigs out for a special b-day dinner!
It is important to make time for the big kids!

They love it when I take a picture of them!
See... how much they love it!

They are sooo funny when they get together!
We are so thankful they all enjoy each other so much!
Billy and Mark live together
and there just happens to be a third bedroom in the house for ???,
maybe another brother once he graduates!

Here are my three handsome bachelors!
That's all...
Just sayin...

And just in case you are wondering
27 yrs, 22 yrs and 25 yrs.

The littles, who are now getting big 
were so happy to stay up for cake and ice cream!

Make a wish Johnny!

I love having BIGS and LITTLES!
Feeling blessed!


grtlyblesd said...

I have a beautiful 20 year old daughter, but I'm not sure I could convince her arranged marriages are still a thing. ;)

Barbara said...

You have such a handsome bunch of bigs, but in that first picture of Johnny, I think he's an exact copy of his dad. (Love following your family!)

Unknown said...

I love it when my Big boys get together too!!! And they are all here now for Joe's wedding this weekend. I will love every second of it!!