Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Love Photographs Beautifully!

Our Katie of Kathryn Lee Photography entered a contest and won!

It was a weekly challenge from the site Love Photographs Beautifully!
This is from our time in Florida February 2015.

Katie and Emily met us in Florida last February!
Andrew was out of town.
And the one week turned into 2 weeks!
What a gift to be able to spend that time with Katie and our beautiful grand baby, Emily!

Katie brought her camera and we had a little fun on the beach!

Being silly is something these four boys can do

Four precious boys, all beloved sons!

And we even got our turn!

It was actually really fun for the two of us!

Emma and Ellie were not with us for the first half of our time in Florida.
We missed them and they missed some of thein our pictures.

Last year they were in school and we homeschooled the other children.
We felt that they could not be away from school 
for the whole time we were gone 
so we divided up the time. 
Half at school and then they joined us for the other half in Florida!

So thankful for this guy!
He is the love of my life!

Thanks honey for being the BEST husband and Dad, ever!

Katie did another mini session with the two girls once they joined us!

They have matured into lovely young ladies and
have been a blessing to our family!

It's not often that bio sisters are adopted from China!
They were so scared and wild when we met them.
Now they are our two most peaceful children!

I remember thinking she was such a cute girl
but she was not our daughter...
Until I realized,
oh my goodness,
she is our daughter.
I had a moment of panic between saying no and asking for her file back.
Praise GOD, she is HOME with us now!

We were always in process with another agency
as we watched Ben's file... for three years...
so thankful he is HOME, now!

He is so full of life!
He goes full speed until his head hits the pillow
and then he is out for the night!
He was ours from the moment we saw his picture!

An amazing child that is blossoming everyday!
Love wins and its obvious with him!

He adores having a Mom and Dad and a family!

So thankful for this sweet boy!

And there was no doubt this boy was ours!
When I heard God's voice telling me
"he is your son"...
I was in shock!
His file wasn't even prepared for adoption...
18 months later he came home!
Praise God!

Anna, our first home!
She paved they way for many more to join us!
It was love at first site with this one!

The day we met her, she came to us with a smile on her face
and she NEVER looked back!

She has been a joy ever since!

She was so sick when we met her...
Her doctors feel like they have watched a miracle happen right in front of their very eyes!
She radiates health, life and happiness!
(thank you to all who donate blood!)

Melissa, taking it all in!

Ava, enjoying the sunset!

This girl is amazing!
Truly a shining star!

And a bookworm!
Which I am not but I so appreciate her being one!

Mia and Sarah!
Two leaders!
Strong willed, adorable and full of personality!

Yes, they do tell secrets!
But then one of them spills and we get to hear it!

They are both such a blessing to this family!

Like a flower blossoming!
 This girl has made amazing progress
with her adjustment to parents and a family!

Once they get into the teen years there are new challenges
but it's nothing that GOD can't handle!
So thankful she is home!

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah!
This girl is a hoot!
She often finishes my sentences and loves to be
Mini Mom!

Praise you Lord!
Thank you for this journey!

Thank you Kathryn Lee Photography for these wonderful pictures!



Meredith said...

Your family is beautiful!

Unknown said...

Love love love!!!

likeschocolate said...

Fantastic photos of a beautiful family!

Jennie said...

Oh my! Gorgeous photo treat. The girls' colorful dresses are lovely. Thank you for posting.

Laurel said...

Beautiful Pictures of a Beautiful Family!!!

mewohlwend said...

Those pictures are darling! How wonderful to have a talented photographer in the family :)

Mary DeGennaro said...

Best pictures ever! They are all wonderful but my favorites are the ones of Emma and Ellie! They both look so happy and relaxed, particularly Emma. I think these are the best pictures of her ever!!!!!! What a blessing to have such a great photographer in the family and to see the progress through photography that all the children have made!
It is a dream of mine to one day meet your family!!!!!

Emily said...

Love love LOVE the picture of Melissa facing the water. Your babies are just too precious. When I see Ellie and Emma so happy, I have to smile. I remember when they didn't look so happy and full of peace! And every time I see Sarah I think of the Hall and Oates song "Sara Smile" because that girl is so smiley! (: