Tuesday, October 27, 2015

You've Come A Long Way, Baby!

Our Mia turned 14 this month!
She has been home for 2 yrs 9 months!

Our time together has been eventful.
It took her a long time to "like" us.
And it took even longer for her to "love" us!

After spending 11 yrs 3 months in two different orphanages 
she was very hesitant to trust us.

Mia has little to no recollection of her time in China.
Which is unusual for older child adoption.
Most of what we know has come from her friends.

She never talks about her previous life.
But, she loves to talk about when she met us in China.
We all end up laughing about it because she did not like us at all...

And now I can honestly say-
She adores us!
And we love and adore her!

Thank goodness older brother Mark came with us! 
And when he left China, big sis Katie met us in Guangzhou! 
Mia really liked the big kids and connected with them while in China!
I don't think she knew she could say no to the adoption-
Praise GOD!

It wasn't until after the first week in China that Sarah
all of the sudden remembered how to speak Mandarin.

Mia was shocked to hear her speak the same language!
And then Sarah could tell us what Mia was saying...
That was a mixed blessing!

Mia, Melissa and Madeline's three year post placement report is due soon!
Although it is a lot of work, it is a joy to do!
A mini trip down memory lane!
What a journey it has been-
challenging and so worth it!

We couldn't imagine our lives any other way!

Each child is such an amazing blessing!

The joy you see on her face, is what we get to see

Our triple adoption was an wonderful success!
It was God's perfect plan for our family!
And we are so grateful to GOD!

We are so thankful this sweet girl is home.
In China when a child turns 14 they are considered unadoptable.
They can never have a forever family and they will forever be an orphan.

As it turns out our rather large family is the perfect fit for her!

Someone got a birthday phone call from their big sis Kate!

Sometimes birthdays are hard for adoptees but this girl is handling it like a champ!
She was amazing!
Happy, thankful, joyful and so appropriate!

She loved everything we gave her!

 And even though she turned fourteen she still wanted a stuffed animal and blankies!
A stage she missed out on as a younger child.
Anytime sweetheart, anytime!

The show NEVER gets old!

The girls all sat at one end of the table
and the little boys, big boys and the parents sat across from them!

Can you see the piece of zucchini going right into her mouth?
Sarah, Ava and Melissa were successful, too!
Gotta love a restaurant where it's okay to throw food!

Sisterly love! 

The big brothers met us at dinner!
So glad they could take time away from work and school to meet us!
We are very thankful to have them in town and to be able to see them sometimes!
We miss Matt and Caitlin, Katie, Andrew and Emily.

Happy birthday sweet girl!
YOU are a treasure!


Unknown said...

Love this post!!! Mia is beautiful!

Kimster said...

Happy Birthday to Mia! She is really pretty and have grown so much since her adoption, incredible! In the pictures Madeline seems also much more grown up, while Melissa has still the very same cute look. :)

tporterandfamily said...

Hope you had a special birthday Mia. Leah and Andrew miss seeing all of you at the YMCA.

Lori said...

I have followed this precious girl since her gotcha day in China! What a treasure! Happy Birthday Mia! What a joy to celebrate YOU! <3

. said...

Happy Birthday, Mia! What a lovely teen she is becoming, and such a great story.

Based on your reference to birthdays sometimes being hard for adoptees, would you be willing to write a post about the things that take some kids time to adjust to, or things that might "trigger" them into reliving difficult memories or just needing a little more lap-time? Not specific down to the individual child, to keep their stories private, of course, but just some things you might have had to deal with and see your kids struggle with.

Love your blog and seeing updates on the family!! Thank you for taking the time to share. I'm not yet a parent, but I think it might involve adoption for me some day!