Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Celebrating Luke!

Oh my goodness, how we love this little boy!
Lukey is the youngest of this crazy crew!
His birthday was before Thanksgiving but I'm just getting it up on the blog now!

It just happened to be a perfect day, so we took the doggies for a walk!

Anna is doing so well with her recovery from her bone graft surgery!
There are no guarantees that it will 100% work but so far, all is well...
Luke is so happy to walk the dog!

And then we got to where the invisible fence ends...
and our doggies did not want to go any further...

Smart doggies!

Once they realized that it was okay we were good to go!

The pups were in heaven!

When we arrived back home it was present opening time for this birthday boy!
We tease Luke because he has a great fake smile- 
and it's hard to get a real one out of him!

This is a REAL one!

The many faces of Luke!

He had us all rolling on the floor!

Another real one!

not real!

Whoa,  were'd he go!

we're done!

Happy Birthday sweet boy!

One more time...
who's b-day is it?

And he got the ROLLER BLADES that he really wanted!
We made sure to give them early enough in the day so her could actually
Because we live in MN...
that may have been the last time to rollerblade before spring!

And he was so happy to get a box from Justice!
He was convinced that it contained
girls clothes.
(That's what happens when you have 10 sisters!)

But, thankfully it was a box filled with boy stuff!
Like a boogie board, waterproof cards, nerf gun, legos and more!

And yes, I apologize...
the parents are loads and decided to go out to dinner again...

But, the kids are thrilled with the parents decision and all was well!

Because we are there frequently...
they gave us 3 desserts to share (for free instead of one)!
(This was the night before Anna's bone graft surgery! Eat up honey, things are about to change!)

Each child an amazing treasure!

Praise God for this wild and crazy adventure he is taking us on!

Everyone got a bit of the dessert!
Some, a few more bits than the others!

And then home, to do the birthday cake!
He chose Power Rangers!

Happy 7th Birthday,

The next weekend was Daddy and Matt's birthday and
then we have a brief rest until Abby's January birthday!

It's just one constant
at our house!

He is so funny!
I am certain someone(Sam) was talking about girlfriends
and how many candles he would leave on the cake!

Four girlfriends!
For real!
Just hoping I'm one of them!


Jboo said...

Such a cutie and fun birthday celebratioN! So funny-- Maddy has that same fake smile -- I've gotten so I can tell too! Hope you're having a great week!

Peggy said...

I never get tired of hearing about your family! I love how you celebrate...simple and family focused. You are one blessed momma!

Jo's Corner said...

Happy Birthday, Sweet Luke! And, SO happy to hear that Anna is doing well. She's been in my prayers. Hugs to All - Jo

Anonymous said...

So cute! I love how you do the "whose birthday is it?" with each birthday boy/girl!