Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas Eve 2015

 Christmas Eve is low key at our home!
Our job is to get everyone ready for church and to enjoy a nice meal together!

It is such a joy to praise our Lord on Christmas Eve!
I didn't always love going to church-
 it's been a journey.
it fills my cup for the week
and sees me through...
until the next weekend (Saturday or Sunday)
when my cup needs to be filled once again!

You may think
your cup doesn't need filling...
I'm guessing you may be wrong.
At some point in your life you will 
see what you are missing.
It may be an emptiness, a need, a loss, or an overwhelming sadness...
You may be lacking joy, contentment, peace...

HE can fill your cup,
meet your need
and heal your broken heart.
You need 
nothing more...
than GOD in your life!

It's also the day that this Momma
gets her pictures,
of her babies
at home!

They all wanted to open presents
we save that... for Christmas day!

So thankful that these three big boys live close by
and can join us for the holidays!
We miss you Matt, Caitlin, Katie, Andrew and Emily!

Yes,  Johnny is wearing an ugly Christmas sweater
and he's proud of it!
IF you have this sweater and you like it...
I humbly apologize!

Our little girls!
Well... to us they are little!
9, 9, 10, 10, 10, 9
they are getting big 
way. to. fast...

Look at these outfits!
They are made by Robin Magana
from Red Thread Stitches(Etsy)!

And Robin Magana made these, too!
Thank you Robin!
The girls LOVE their Christmas dresses!
And so does their Momma!

Our big girls!
They are teens and soon I will be posting on raising adopted teens!
15, 15, 14, 13
It's wonderful and challenging!

Our little boys!
8, 9, 7, 9, 7
So thankful for these little guys!

And now the pics of the process!

Everybody in their places!
We try to do it as quick and painless as possible!

I want to see everyones face!

there's the occasional

(by the biggest and supposedly most mature kid...)

We got this from Katie, Andrew and Emily!
Thank you!

That's the plan,
right there(above)!

We love fires in the fireplace on the cold winter nights!

Our tree, with the gifts!

Everyone has 3 presents to open!
It is a manageable number - for shopping and for opening!

Candy and one trinket for everyone!
Rubix cube, reading light, playdoh, flashlights!

Simple is better for everyone!

Just so you know...
I have a room full of stuff we decided NOT to give!
That's another post!


Unknown said...

Reading light, what a brilliant idea dear friend! ;-)


Zanmei said...

You seem to have TWO more children than usual? Am I missing something? Beautiful pictures, lovely smiles!

Karen said...

I knew you were hosting one child, but there appears to be a little girl I don't recognize! ANYWAYS, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone in your wonderful family!

Kate said...

I too had to do a head count. I was like there is a new little girl with red glasses. Love the dresses on the little girls. They are adorable. Looking forward to your post on a room full of stuff. Happy Belated Christmas!

K said...

You sure get great pictures of everyone. I absolutely LOVE the girls' dresses. Bravo on keeping it to a simple 3 gifts. We do that, too. It's much less over-whelming for kids and parents, isn't it.

AlbinoPrincess said...

OK... I know that Y is there. (BTW... He blends with your family so well I had to look at the picture twice to find where he was.)

But who is the extra Miss Cutie? Is there something you're not telling us?!

Sammy said...

Great post, and everyone looks so nice!

kate said...

We all want to know!

I am hoping that, one day soon, a little sister aged 6-10 years, will be able to join our family. <3

kate said...

If you are hosting as an advocate for that little girl, I'd love an email. As you can see, I've been thinking about her all day.

My blog is from-russia.blogspot.com if you want to know a bit more about me first!

kate said...

Email is onlyk8@yahoo.com

I'll be praying for "Joy".

Unknown said...

Oh I love this post Jean....thank you for sharing your heart and love for our FATHER!! He indeed is the answer for all life holds!!! Oh how we need Him!! And such darling pics of your beautiful clan!! And I love the dresses also!! They look so nice in your sweet girls!! Great choice!! Thinking of you guys SO much! Your doing great(we knew you would!!!;) See you next week:/ not as fun as arrival tho:( Blessings friend!!.....LaurelLee

anyabar1987 said...

I see that someone has dubbed the mystery girl as Joy and I am going to go with it but I am very curious about where she came from. I had to go back and check your other posts to make sure I hadn't missed something but lo and behold only Y was in those pictures for new children.

Zanmei said...

I also wanted to add - Y looks so happy and peaceful in these pictures. I'm sure that with so many children, things can get quite crazy at times, especially at Christmas. But obviously there is something very special about your home that makes these children so joyful.