Sunday, December 6, 2015

Go Tommie Soccer!

This post is overdue!
This is how we spent our fall, cheering on our big brother Johnny and the soccer team!
This is my favorite pic of Johnny and the kids!

The Tommie soccer team got off to a good start and won many of their games!

The players were so kind to all of the kids!

They loved having them at the games and cheering on the team!
And our kids loved it too!

We traveled to Chicago in the beginning of the season!
And yes, we are twins!

This year we bought PURPLE for everyone!

And we wore it to EVERY game!

No neutral blacks or grays for us!

We wanted to be noticed...
because ya know 
no one ever notices us!
(snicker, snicker)
Just Kidding!

Weather wise it was a PERFECT fall!

It was so nice to be outside enjoying the fresh air!

And watching our big boy play soccer!

We know that our Johnny truly appreciated us there!

We would whistle and cheer throughout the game!

Grant(far right) is the goalie!

Sometimes after the game we would head to church!

Our church had a fall carnival after one of the services!

As the weather got cooler we got out our purple sweatshirts!

The school store loved us- we practically bought it out!
Thank goodness Johnny has one more year left (so we can wear our purple)!

Big brother mark came to a couple games!
We are so thankful he is in town now!

Our friends Stephanie taught the children a cheer!

They went out on the field at half time and at the end of the game!

And wonderful Mini gave all the kids purple felt scarves!
The kids cut the fringe and wore them as the weather got colder!

After one of the games we found a stray doggy!

His name was Coors!
He's half black lab and half german shepherd!
His family had just moved in behind our home and through the woods!
He visited us 2 more times until they got their invisible fence working!
We loved it!

Love having the national anthem before the games!

It's tradition!
After a win the team comes over for high fives and congratulations
from their devoted fans!

And #4 comes over to see his younger sibs!

Senior day-
 we will miss you Matt on the field
and Lee and Minnie in the stands.

Miles is an awesome player...
wish both of these great guys could stay another year!

I love the big heads!
(Thanks Jo!)

We had many Matts and Miles in the stands!

The cake was delicious!

What a fun season!

I took a few pics with my point and shoot but Auntie Barbie took the good pics!
Can't wait to see them!

The team did so well and played as a team, it was a joy to watch!

They were last seed in the conference tournament.
But won their first game against the number 3rd seed!
And then their second game against the 1st seed team!

Next thing we knew we were in the championship game!
Cheering on the team!

It was a good game but we lost...
We will miss you Miles!

And Matt!

The kids had so much fun with their friend Jenna!

And big bro Billy came to the game, too!

Thanks Tommies for the great fall!


Emily said...

This post just makes me smile!

a portland granny said...

You folks seem to have fun wher eever you go--Such smiles all around--You are blessed, as are they!!

Laurel said...

Looks like fun! Glad I'm not the only one just now posting fall sports. :)

My 19 year old headed off to college and quickly joined the Rugby team. We know nothing about Rugby, but the boys and I drove across the state to watch Hosanna play.

Vicky said...

Love all the kids in their purple! What fun it must be for your children and the Tommies when you are there to cheer them on!