Wednesday, December 16, 2015

He's Here!

Yesterday was such a great adventure!

But first, I'll back up a bit!
We decided to make life sized heads of Y so that he would know we were his host family!

And WOW!
Did they look good!
The crew at the local UPS store really got into it and did a great job!
They were touched by Y's story and wanted to help us!

The children made signs with their Mandarin teacher
to welcome Y to America!

It has been quite busy at our house and we are so thankful that somehow
everything fell into place!

God was definitely in all of the details!

The whole day was filled with joy and excitement 
as we traveled into this new journey of hosting a child from China!!

We took a moment to have lunch at the Mpls airport and then boarded the plane to Chicago!

Once we landed in Chicago we were off to the international terminal!

It was a cars, planes and trains kinda day!

 It was hard to choose which children were coming with us.
It would have been too much for everyone to go and we felt like flying would be easier on Y than driving 8 hours back home with everyone in the sprinter.

We chose the boys and girls that we felt were mature enough 
to handle the long day and were close to Y's age!

Ben, Melissa and Ava also have some Mandarin skills so we thought that would be helpful!

We met so many wonderful families at the airport 
that were waiting with us for their host child!

It was such a blessing to spend time chatting and getting to know each other!

The children hit it off quite quickly!

Of course having matching outfits helped!
And no we did not coordinate it!
All four of these sweet girls are 10!

The wait was a little long!
Getting 29 orphans through customs at O'Hare airport was quite the event!

Thankfully, the children know how to have fun where ever they are!

Then we got word that they were coming out of customs!
We were all so excited!

It was really a blessed event!
Hectic, yes... long, a little
but very wonderful!

To see 29 special little children 
who do not have Mommy's and Daddy's or families
emotional for me,
 to say the least!

Oh precious child!

One after another
they came!

We had booked a flight back home that same night so we
knew we had to get Y and go to another terminal ASAP.

And then there he was!
Dressed in red and leading the next group!

So many beautiful faces
all needing a family
to love them.

Y saw our signs and smiled.
He was a little teary and a little nervous.
So many emotions for a little boy.

The little girl with her back to us has scoliosis.
She has a special place in my heart.
No reason, other than God placed it there.
She just seems pleasant.
She got a host family on the last day!
Thank you Jesus!

He right away told the interpreter
they have 15...
and I'm #16!

He was a bit hesitant to leave with us 
so we asked the interpreter to tell him it was okay to go with us 
and that we were flying on a plane home tonight.

What a brave little boy!

We were able to get to the next terminal in time to
grab a quick bite to eat!

This sweet little boy
brought a roll for us to share!
I tried to give it to him but he wanted us to have it.

He loved the back pack with a stuffed animal, Chinese treats and toys 
that we brought him!

Thank fully we made our flight and as we landed I heard one of our children say
"there's our Mimi"!
Low and behold,
Hubby's sister just happened to be on the same flight from Chicago to Mpls!
It was such a blessing to have her be able to meet Y!

And then we finally got a picture of all of us!
So much is happening to this sweet boy right now!

And hopefully by the end of the three weeks we will have taught him to 
for the pictures!

he's trying!

He was such a trooper!
He kept up with us the whole time after being on a 14 hour flight from Beijing!

He was very glad to get to our house!

Our so called Mandarin speakers didn't say a word in Mandarin!
Oh well!

It was truly an amazing day!

He had jammies under his red outfit.
He watched the other boys brush their teeth 
and then he asked for his toothbrush!

He was wide awake when we put him to bed.
We had a night light on and he played a little in bed.
We turned off the nightlight at 11:15pm and kissed him goodnight.

he slept 
through the

He is amazing child!
We are praying for this dear little boy!
I am planning to blog this journey and share about our experience.

Right now, we are
hosting to 
advocate for him.

Praise YOU Lord Jesus!


Vicky said...

What a brave little guy! I can't imagine these children going home with complete strangers, especially those with needs that require a lot of hands on personal care from the start!

I pray that each child will find forever families. What fun Y will have at your home and with your precious family!

I look forward to following along for these three weeks and cannot imagine how hard it will be to say goodbye! I can't wait for your post saying that there is a family pursuing him!

mewohlwend said...

Thanks so much for sharing, Jean. What an exciting and emotional day for you all! I hope that dear Y settles into your family and feels comfortable during his stay. I can only imagine how he's feeling- leaving the only home he's ever to known, to go visit a family he's never met, in a foreign country where no one speaks his language. Prayers that he feels the love and acceptance you have for him. What a sweet, brave boy. Keep us posted (in your "spare time" 😉).

grtlyblesd said...

YOU MET SUE! How cool is that?? I met Sue in Beijing last month on an advocacy trip! Small world! :)

I hope your hosting goes fabulously, and that he finds a forever family. :)

Zanmei said...

I cried when I saw the photos of the orphans in wheelchairs being wheeled in. I so hope they all find their forever families.

And what a fantastic experience for Y and your children. I'm sure he'll be smiling soon!

Titus 2 Thandi said...

Praying with you for a family.

Jo's Corner said...

Welcome, #16! Have a blessed visit. I pray that you experience the love of family and the greater love of Jesus during the time you are here. May He become a big, big part of your heart and the One experience you carry home and remember for ALL of your life. Hugs to all of the Family.

Penny said...

Aaww...I would adopt him in s heartbeat if only my husband would agree. Still praying...

Jennie said...

Thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. Looking forward to reading about his adventures with your gang of 15! And with the dogs and cats as well.

Sherri said...

Oh wow, what a wonderful blessing! I sure would love to know how to get involved like that. It would be nice to host a child. You rock my friend! God bless you for being such a great woman.

Emily said...

What a fantastic day! I love that this little guy gets to spend this time with your family. He will never forget these three weeks. And what a great experience for your kiddos, too!

Mama to my Treasures said...

How wonderful! What an amazing gift you are giving to this precious boy! Could you tell me how to learn more bout the kids that are being hosted? I'd love to learn more about the first little girl in the wheelchair, black coats and red pants. Thank you!