Saturday, December 19, 2015

It's all about... the children...

Our amazing dentist donated an exam to this sweet child!

The agreement was that he would donate the exam and we would pay to have his teeth fixed...
BUT, our wonderful dentist 
decided to donate
an exam, x-rays, a pano, 
the repairs!

I almost started crying right in the dental office!
 It is so heartwarming to see God at work through others!

After Christmas, Y will have 2 fillings, 4 sealants and a tooth pulled.
(We will be sure to have an interpreter talk to him before this is done.)
But, just so you know, this little guy is amazing!
He was perfect throughout the whole exam and appointment!

According to our dentist his age looks to be right on, 8 yrs old!

A special THANK YOU to
Dr. Dan Raether at CAMP SMILE!

We are seeing more and more smiles, along with laughter!

Our children attend a monthly nature class 
and since Y was with us, he joined in the class!

He absolutely loved it!

No, he didn't understand a word but he still loved it!

He seems to be interested in EVERYTHING!
He is super smart and can read Mandarin...
really well!

 The topic was hibernation!

So, after playing outside we

And ate our snack...
I mean, the food we collected for our hibernation! 

Sometime, welcoming a child into your home can be as simple as adding another bed!
And yes, the toys are hiding under the bunks...

We did a little school on the first day.
With this crew... a schedule works!
13 + 1 children with no direction, is not a good thing!
So we did a partial day of school and then moved on to the fun!

Y is good at math!
He is doing 1st and early 2nd grade math... quickly!

He is enjoying discovering our toys and beginning to feel comfortable in our home! 
Emma has such a kind and welcoming heart, kids just gravitate to her!
She doesn't look so happy here but really she is...
such a peaceful soul!

This little guy has not had any jet lag!
I can't believe it!

In the evening we watched TV and played games!

I have a new BFF!
It's true!
He loves being wherever I am!
And he loves to do whatever I do!
God Bless this sweet boy!

Y has done pretty well with foods.
He is not a big eater but he is eating more and more each day!
We have tried to serve foods that he might like but
since I am not much of a cook 
that hasn't lasted too long...

After being here for 2 days we tried milk...
he was not fond of it.
And he spilled it 4 times...
I'm guessing... possibly... deliberately?
So after the 4th time this Momma got on google translate and said
"drink milk"
"no spill"
it worked!
He now drinks milk and doesn't spill it ;-)

That night we had cheeseburgers!
He loved it and ate it all up!
With ketchup of course!

Our other children had their last day of swim lesson at the YMCA.
Anna and Y played pool and fuseball!
We are hoping to bring him back to swim in the pool over break!
When he saw the pool he had a big smile and our kids heard him say
"that's a lot of water"!

Next was lunch at Chipotle and a game of 
Rock, Paper, Scissors
in Mandarin!
(check out the real smile!)
I am hoping to get some "real ones" before he leaves but...
I'm not sure I'm fast enough with the camera!

Then, a quick stop at home and off to 

He loved it but had no idea what to do!
The little guy was like a Raggedy Ann doll trying to figure it out!

In all of our adoptions, we have found that the kiddos from orphanages 
are actually a bit out of shape and lack some general coordination and endurance.

It's not what we expected when we first began adopting.
We thought they were with kids all day so they must play and play and play...
But, that's not the case...
Children at most orphanages exist and survive... that's it.
The often cannot grow and learn because they are lacking in the basics...
love, nutrition, opportunity, faith, medical care and so much more...

They are such treasures that are waiting to be

There you go!
You're getting it!
Good job Y!

And we all needed a treat from
after that workout!

Next we went home for showers and then, it was off to church!

At this point the parents...
were exhausted...
 so we went to our favorite Chinese restaurant for dinner!

 Where Y made a perfect paper airplane
not so much ;-)

I love the hearts of our children...
truly, they amaze me...
 they welcome this dear child with open arms into our home and into their lives.

I am so thankful...

The girls and I did sneak away for part of a day!

 We had tickets to the Nutcracker and had a watched the movie to prepare for it.
It was our first ballet!
I think we have a few that may want to try ballet, now!

Y had a great day with the other boys and our sitter!
The played games and had fun playing outside!

I have to say that this hosting experience
over the Christmas Holidays
is so incredibly meaningful.
I feel like I am seeing Jesus
in the face of this child...

If you are interested in hosting
please message me on FB
or email me at


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kimjax said...

He is absolutely adorable, Jean!! Love to hear about this hosting stuff!

Jennie said...

Y is fitting in so well. Thank you for the post.

As an aside, most Asians/Chinese may have lactose-intolerance i.e., drinking milk causes bloating, etc. Seem Y did not have any issues. Maybe it is the bland taste of milk - add some chocolate and he'll love it!

Jessim said...

These posts just fill my heart with joy.

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You are making some many wonderful memories with your children. Cannot wait for your Christmas post.