Tuesday, December 20, 2016

A Walk in the Park and The Chime-Long Circus!

There are two beautiful parks next to our hotel!

The weather is PERFECT, 
 high 60's to mid 70's!

There is a tunnel that goes under the street so you don't have to cross the busy road!

Grace is really liking the stroller we brought!
She can sit whenever she wants or she can walk!

I'm fascinated by old beautiful buildings!
I want to know the history behind it!

This is the lake we walked around.
There is more to it but we just did this part.
 We don't want to get lost or 
attempt to do more than what works for our new kids.

It is soooo nice to be outside!

And it's sooo cold back home in MN!

All 4 kids are getting along so well!

These two are huge helpers!
Eleven is a great age!

Locals enjoying afternoon fishing!

We passed by an exercise and play area for people of all ages!

The kids loved this part!

Plus ping pong!

I won't be trying this anytime soon!

Ava and Melissa are up for trying anything!

Grace and...

Jake have really bonded with them!

I think we need to get her foot fixed before she can do this one!

I had to give it a try!

The children love to laugh at me...
I mean with me!

Hidden picture-
 can you see the drone?

I think they are renovating this building!
(I need to ask our guide!)

Adoption trips are over all about survival.

You leave everything you know and love
to adopt a child you don't know and hope to love!

Hubby and I like to survive... well!

We like to find the joy and the humor 
in "life's situations".
We hunker down or explore, 
whatever fits for our new children and for us!

We have fun where ever and when ever we can
whether it's a walk in the park or
searching for some Haagen Daz ice cream at the nearby 7 eleven
with our new kiddos!

the children are on one side of the door...
and I'm on the other!

Sometimes ya just need a moment away!

They were fine!
They played games and laughed likes kids do!

We had a quick light dinner and then we went to the circus!

I am sorry my pictures are not very good...
my camera broke and my cell phone camera is not very good...

The circus was

There was a lot of traffic so we arrived a few minutes late.

If you decide to go-
arrive an hour early so you can get good seats!

Since this circus is part of the Safari Park
they have loads of adorable animals 
in the show!

The kids loved every minute of it!

It is a little expensive-
$60 per person
but it was worth it!

Those are baby pigs!
Toooo cute!

 the elephants!

The show is from 7:30-9:00.
It's about a 45 minute drive without traffic.

This was sooo cute!
They were supposed to play tug of war!
and instead they did jump rope!

Our seats were not so good but that didn't matter!

They had 8 motorcyclist in there at once!

Melissa's favorite-
the ring of death!

No safety net...
I made the children promise me they would not join the circus...
No matter how fun it looks!

He's having the time of his life!
His adjustment so far has been seamless!
I am sure there will be 
challenging moments once we are home.
If not him...
than someone else at home.
It's just the way it is!

Pink flamingos!

Trampolines and diving!

Yes, there is a bird flying overhead in this pic!
They released a huge flock of birds!

Looks like a pelican was part of the flock!

We couldn't resist!

We have four happy and exhausted children!

Our days in GZ are going very well!

Not sure how many post I will get done before we go.
We leave tomorrow morning so
it looks like I will have to catch up from home!