Sunday, February 28, 2016

Look Who Was Here!

What a great week it was with our Katie and the grand babies!

This little one is so much fun!

It felt so good to get this one back in my arms!
The new born/infant stage does not last long
and we are thankful to have them here-
Ali at 7 weeks old and Emily at 23 months!

Katie traveled alone with the two babies!

So they let Ava and I meet them at the gate!
Ava adores Emily and she met Ali for the first time!

All the girls did so well on the 2.5(two point five) hour flight!

All the children were thrilled to meet Ali
and of course they LOVE to play with EMILY!

She is such a good big sister-
yes, we will be quiet because the baby is asleep!

Okay, now that is understood-
let's get going!

The park is one of our favorite places!

We go for walks around the little lake!

And feed the ducks!

We wanted to give Katie a little break from her Mommy duties!
But unfortunately she had to use that time to go to the ER because she wasn't feeling well.
Motherhood is delightful and draining!

But, oh so worth it!

Ali is beginning to smile and it's so much fun!
No, I did not capture it in a photo...
I'm sure her Momma will get one soon!

 Emily loved the hydrangea!

She smelled it and then...
she may have given it a teeny tiny pinch...
She just couldn't help herself!

 This little one has so much joy!

Emily has discovered Ben
and he is her new favorite person!
She says
"more Ben"!

Ali is a very content and peaceful baby (most of the time)!

I am the worst at selfies
but wanted to give it a try!
15 tries and this is the best I could do ;-)

She is having more and more alert time!

 there is nothing like a sleeping baby!

With two littles our schedule was limited!
We did the best we could managing
playtime, naptime, mealtime
and through in a couple outings!

Emily loved the beach and so did Ali (above)!

The sand was the ultimate tactile experience!

Throw in a gorgeous sunset and well...
there were no complaints!

Our only problem was...
Katie's camera broke as she began to take photos...
no clue what happened,
it just stopped working.

So all the photos ended up being taken with my little point and shoot.

Emily is still heavily into the oral stage ;-)

The sunset on Marco Island
never disappoints!

And when the subject is this cute...
how can we go wrong!

the sand looks so tasty...

we can't help ourselves...

Yes, we could hear her as she bit down on the gritty sand...

Can someone tell me how long this oral stage lasts?

Emily loves ALL of her Aunts and Uncles!

 And they LOVE playing with her!

We played in the game room at the park!

And on the playground equipment!

Have you tried Orange leaf frozen yogurt?
It is sooooo good!
And a lot less calories than ice cream!

Our family is hooked!

Sarah got some awesome hugs from Emily!

Emily is talking more and more and it is just so darn cute!

On the last night, Andrew came!
He had been working in Tampa for the week while the rest of the family was with us!

And then we had 
the most interesting conversation ;-)
Okay, just kidding!
The guys were tired!

For the short time he was here
we had to show them the best part of the island!


So thankful for this sweet family!

And for our time together!

My little point and shoot did an okay job!

The big camera is on it's way to the
Canon Repair Shop as we speak!

(Thank goodness there's a back up at home!)

We miss you all so much... already!
Please visit us again