Thursday, February 25, 2016

The Gator Park!

We took the kids to "gator park"!

It's tradition and it's Joy's first time in Florida
so we wanted her to see some of the sites we have seen on our other trips!

It's not the nicest place but it is interesting and we always have fun when we are here!

Johnny came with us!

We love our field trips!
And this journey we are on...
is one big field trip!

We all went on an airboat ride!

We had lots of smiles-
 he went fast and made some sharp turns!

We learned about the mangrove trees, alligators and the everglades!

Joy got to drive the airboat!

Charlie the alligator was part of the show.

Alligators can only bite down with their upper jaw.
So once the upper jaw is immobilized Charlie was unable to
"bite his arm off..."
(at least that is what Derrick said ;-)

Most of the children wanted to hold the baby alligator!
Joey was first!

Joy wasn't so sure about it at first...
but then she decided to give it a try!

Sam was all in!
Emma decided not to ;-)

Luke was feeling brave!

Abby said YES!

Madeline loved it!
Do you see the sweet little old lady behind her?
She could hardly wait for her turn!

And after she went, Melissa got a turn!

Next was Anna's turn!

Ben loved it!

Mia, Ellie and Sarah all took a turn, too!

And then big brother Johnny held him!
Jenny and Emma felt safe with Johnny in charge!

It has been especially nice for Johnny to get to know his new little sister!

They certainly aren't the prettiest creatures!


Thanks Sarah for taking a pic of your Mom and Dad!

They also had lions...

that were very beautiful...

and a little mean...

and very hungry...

Because just as we were leaving, it was their dinner time!

Glad they had a double fence!
(so my monkeys stayed safe!)

Every morning we get to see the sunrise!
It is a wonderful way to wake up!

Thanks Mark and Johnny for joining us!
Just wait until you see who are our next guests!


terre said...

i just so enjoy your blog about your family. you amaze me!!!

Sherri said...

Are you near homestead? My sister is there this week with some of their 12 children and would love to meet you :)