Sunday, May 29, 2016

Big Boys Have Birthday's Too!

Andrew, Billy and Mark each had a birthday in March and April!
The celebration was actually done on Andrew's bday!
April 23rd, the night before the baby shower!
YES... I am way behind on my blogging!

It was such a treat to be able to celebrate it here at our house!
Thank you Andrew, Katie and the girls for spending this special day with us!

Who's Birthday is it??
Obviously, there's some confusion!
Because it's "a lot of peoples birthdays"!

It's so fun to have our grand babies visit our home!
I wish they loved closer
but for now...
this is the way it is...
so we make the best of it!
We try to get together every 6-8 weeks.

Andrew and Katie went out a date with friends for Andrew's bday!
Since Ali loves her mother more than anything in the whole world
they put the kids to bed before leaving.
Otherwise Ali may have been inconsolable.

Plenty of cake for EVERONE!

Happy Birthday
Mark, Andrew and Billy!
Love you guys!

May your wish come true!


Saturday, May 21, 2016

I Have Another Announcement!

We love listening to our local Christian Radio Station-
whenever we are in Sylvia!

The children sing-a-long to the music!

The other day,
Sarah called up to me from the back of the van-

 "Mother, will you please tell these children
God is NOT on the Moon"

HE is on the MOVE!

We were hysterical!

12 of 14 Mulvahills
thought God was on the moon!
Okay, maybe HE is...
but that's not how the song goes!

I had to say,
"Children, God is not on the Moon. He is on the MOVE!"

Click on the link below and see for yourself!

Love laughing with this crew!
Never a dull moment!

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It's Ben's Turn!

And, another kiddo turns 10 years old!
Being a Mom to this dear child
is such a

I watched him as he waited on
many different agencies lists...
the shared list...

and then, with God's perfect timing
he became our son!

We are so blessed to have him home and
in our family!

do not let fear control you.
Step out in faith and you will be blessed!

So, guess who just turned 10 years old!

You guessed it!
HaPpY BiRtHdAy

He has an amazing zest for life!
He is easy going and mild mannered!
But at this moment, he is quite excited!

His brother Sam, sees this as an opportunity 
for his own nerf gun
to be released
from Daddy jail!
(It's been there for quite awhile!)
Now everyone is happy!

Oh ya!
This and a lego set and life is good!
Especially if your the birthday boy!

What's this?
Girl clothes?
No thank you!

Just teasing!
He got a couple rubix cube
(all the kids love them now since a few got them for Christmas)
and a boogie board!

No dirty socks and underwear like we promised!

And the crowd gets closer and closer!

We spent the morning at the Abeka display 
and ordered our school books for the next school year.
Which will begin in July!
We take about 6 weeks off and then start back at school about 3 days a week.
In August we up it to 4 days a week (mornings only)
and by the time school starts for the public school kids,
 we are well on our way!

In the afternoon we went to the movie
"Jungle Book"
It is soooo good!
16 of 16 Mulvahill's highly recommend it!
During a slightly scary part Luke left his seat and needed to sit on my lap!
It was a welcomed Mommy moment!

This looks harmless!

Until there is a massive blaze!

It gets 'em everytime!

The big girls were on our side of the table and so were Joey and Luke!
They thought it was a bit unfair- sorry girls!
You're with the old folks now!

Happy Birthday song for the birthday boy!

Luke's getting squeezed out!

And now, everyone digs in!

Abby you are so busted, get a fork!

Happy Birthday BEN!
He had a GREAT day!
The big kids couldn't join us but they sent him birthday texts and called him!
He loved it!
We are oh. so. slowly. moving into the 21st century!

Ben was born with spina bifida but you would never know it!
He has a slight limp and he is completely independent with his self cares!
Message me if you have any questions!
All he needs is a reminder now and then.
When I look at him I see an amazing son!
And two thankful parents!

He chose the DQ oreo blizzard cake!
Yes, we are buying larger cakes nowadays!

We do the same routine month after month with a different birthday child!
Each time... it's a blessing!

And the happy birthday song for the 18th time today!
We sing in the morning, in the afternoon, in the van, at dinner and with the cake!
The kids have adorable voices... but not the parents!

Enjoying HIS moment!

Contemplating his birthday wish!

No girlfriends!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

We're Expecting!

It's true! 
Baby M is due in early July!
We are looking forward to being grandparents, again!
It is such a privilege and blessing to welcome a new child into the family!

Katie and I were so excited to have a baby shower for Matt and Caitlin,

to help them get ready for their sweet little baby!

The big kids arrived early for a family picture BUT
it was pouring rain...
so we waited until it cleared up
to take the pic!

I prayed as the rain poured down...
God, you know how much I want this picture...
it's a rare opportunity to have us ALL together.
I trust you.
Somehow, while we are all here...
please give us a moment to gather together
and get a family picture.
I will not worry and I will trust you!
(repeat, repeat, repeat)

There are blue raindrops with the banner
but don't be fooled
we have no idea
they have no idea
if they are having a
or a

Matt and Caitlin had a very busy weekend-
 grooms dinner, wedding(Matt was in the wedding), after wedding party, goodbye party for a friend and then
the baby shower!

It was nice to have a moment to visit before the guests arrived!

All the children were so excited to see Caitlin and her baby belly!
(sorry for the blurry pics- my camera was acting up)

Katie was the mastermind behind all of this!
She got her creativity from her Grandma Lolly (hubby's Mom)! 

The kids were so excited for the festivities!

Auntie Barbie brought the jellycats and matching books!
We used them as decorations for the party
but then they could take them home for baby M!

Auntie Mimi brought the books for decoration and ambience!
The beginnings of baby M's library!

We tried to do everything gender neutral!
I love the baby balloon!

Can't wait to read to our grand baby #3!

Baby pictures of the new Mom and Dad, to be!
Matt's in the red and Caitlin is the other two!

We went the easy route and had it catered!
I am a believer in doing what you can do to have things work out!
It's challenging feeding our 14, plus Katie and her family -
while preparing food and keeping the house clean!

The food was fantastic and the caterers were wonderful 
except they ran into the slate front steps and
smashed them...
Yes, they gave us their insurance information!
We are working on it now!

Ali joined us for some of the party and then it was naptime!

Uncle Billy was happy to meet his new niece!

And she was happy to meet him!

It is so nice to have an extra set of loving arms when having a party!

Great Uncles, Great Aunts, cousins and cousins children, all arrived!

Caitlin's parents drove in from Milwaukee!
It was so wonderful to see them!

Willa and Emily are only 3 weeks apart!

Emily gets lots of attention from the children when she visits!

Matt and Caitlin's friends came!

We loved having Auntie Mimi here!

Thank you to everyone for pitching in and helping!
Thank you Deb and Sarah!

Game time!

There was some serious competition going on!
Kelly, your busted- We see you looking at Billy's answers!

(So sorry this is so blurry)
I couldn't resist taking pics of how 
Sam just plops right down in the middle of it all!

Yes, he is a very confident boy!

Katie was in charge of the games!

And guess who won!
AVA did!
Gift certificate to a coffee and specialty drink shop!
I'm hoping she will bring her Mom!

What a great way to get this young couple prepared for their first baby!

It was so wonderful celebrating together!

here are my pics... of our family...
they're a little blurry...

Hoping and praying...
 Katie got some of these...

My camera was acting up so the pics came out blurry...

Best Papa award goes to this guy!

So glad some of their local friends could join us!

Emily just got up from her nap!
I think it was a short one!

She loves her Auntie Ava!
(Ava and some of the other kids had to go off to horseback riding!)

Katie and I realized the last couple times we have been together
we haven't gotten a pic of us-
 so we put it on the list!
Love my girl!

I think my left shoulder is wet from baby drool!
 A sign of a true Nana!

So excited for them,
for us,
for baby M!

Here are our guesses!
What's your guess?
Although, now I am beginning to think
we are having a baby girl!