Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Happy Father's Day 2016!

Immediately following Ava's b-day was Father's day!
The party never ends around here!

After church and brunch hubby took care of the many wasp nests that were...
Thank you Honey!
I really don't like bees of any kind!

The big boys came over to watch the US Open!

The little boys
LOVE the big boys!
And vice versa!
It's an opportunity for all of them to... misbehave!

It was very warm outside so watching golf and relaxing was a perfect non active activity!

The big boys are such a blessing to all of us!
Whenever they come home all of the children announce their arrival throughout the house!
Johnny's home, Johnny's home, Johnny's home!

The kids love hanging out and watching golf with Dad on Father's Day!

And there I am... in my apron!
I am not a good cook and I really don't enjoy cooking...
too many other things to do besides cooking!

Hubby happened to pick a meal that I was kind of good at cooking.
You will never guess what meal it was...
Christmas Dinner!
Seriously... he picked what we/I make for Christmas dinner...
This was all part of his master plan to stay out of the kitchen on Father's Day.
Very tricky Hubby, very, very tricky!
You know, it didn't taste as good as it does on Christmas night.
It was just the wrong season for Honey*baked Ham, cheesy potatoes,
green bean casserole, 
salad and rolls!

Truly, it was ingenious of him to pick that dinner!
However, we have decided that next year we will do traditional summer meal!


When it was time to take a family pic...
I had a bit of a hard time getting EVERYONES attention!

Hey, you people!
Look over here!


Happy Father's Day Honey!

Joey was very proud of the gift he made his Daddy!

Most of the younger kids made a card or drew a picture!

The big boys gave Dad a gift certificate!

Some kids are really into the gift opening...

while others...

not so much!

Sarah is always so thoughtful!
And Anna is a photoboomer!

Sam is always a bundle of positive energy!

And as the gift opening winded down
this Daddy was ready to get back to watching some

Honey, I'll make you Christmas dinner anytime you want it!
I love you!
Thank you for taking this amazing God journey with me!

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Summer Fun (so far) 2016!

In April we signed some of the kids up for soccer!

We had 6 girls on the same team but no coaches...
Hubby has coached and coached and coached for most of his parenting years.
We were thinking assistant coaching sounded good given our large family
and busy schedule 
there was no one else to do it
and since he had 6 of his gals on the same team
volunteering to coach was the only right thing to do! 
Thankfully soccer enthusiast and big brother Mark 
volunteered to coach with him!

All 8 kiddos had zero soccer experience
however they have watched their big brother Johnny play college soccer
so they had an idea of what it looked like!

There was a shortage of players so we had many inter squad games.

They also had an opportunity to play some of the lower level traveling teams.
This pic was taken after they beat one of the travel teams
(insert silent cheer!).

Ben and Sam played on the boys team!
The practices and the games were at the same field and the same time.
This made it possible for us to participate.

Both boys had such wonderful positive attitudes!
We are so proud of them for giving it their all and having such a great season!
Ben was born with Spina Bifida and he wears an AFO.
That did not slow him down a bit!
As I watched all of the children out there on the field I felt such JOY!
Each child has overcome so many obstacles...
they are my heroes!

Sarah and Mia were disappointed that they were too old to play
but since the girls team was short players and 
Dad and big brother were coaches
they got an opportunity to play quite a few times!

And this would be a pic of the fans that wanted to be on the playground more 
than they wanted to watch their older sibs play soccer!

Every year VBS is a highlight of our summer!

Sarah, Mia and Ellie were volunteers!
The other children in the yellow tees attended VBS!

While Emma and I shared special time together!
Just the two of us!

They come home singing and praising Jesus!
We love it!

Emma and I would arrive just in time to hear everyone singing in the chapel!

We had beautiful weather for VBS!
The sun was so bright I had to tell the kids to open their eyes on the count of three!
Not everyone got the memo!

On the last day they brought home their treasures and finished projects!
This year everyone got their own bible from VBS!
The helpers got a coupon for a dilly bar at DQ!

As you can see they were very sad VBS was over...
And once again they all said,
"I can't wait until next year!"
Only 360 more days!

While the other kids were at VBS Emma and I shopped for Ava's birthday gifts.
Emma wanted 5 bucks to keep quite and not tell Ava what gifts she was getting...
We bargained a bit and settled on $1!!!

We also went through some of our storage things!
We sent texts to the older boys asking if they wanted this or that!
Emma modeled the items!

She was such a sweetheart and loved helping us!

 Big brother Mark was so glad we found his Ole friend Sparky in storage!
(Along with Barney and blankie!)

Our new puppy Daisy loves shoes...
this is only a small sample of the shoes she has chewed...
She prefers to chew
one shoe...
from each pair...


Evidence of open closet doors!
She looks so innocent...
don't be fooled!

We went out and bought a bundle of new shoes that are now in the children's upstair closets!
And now we have signs 
reminding kids to shut the closet doors!

Thank goodness she is so cute
and easy to forgive...

Daisy is not a leash dog...
We put it on and she immediately sat down and pouted...
We needed to get her used to the gentle leader and teach her the boundaries of the yard.
She is a very smart and we now have the invisible fence up and running!

Our puppy ate a few too many inedible items
and landed herself in the ER...
$1200 dollars later she is fine..
Nothing IV fluids, antibiotics, anti emetics, antacids and hospital time resting
couldn't cure...

Ben and Sam went to engineering camp!
They played games, built catapults and did all sorts of fun things!

Many of the children (Ava, Melissa, Jenny, Anna, Sam, Ben, Abby, Madeline, Joey and Luke)
took summer art classes!
They did clay and painting classes
and they loved it!

A business associate and friend of our older daughter Katie 
sent us these awesome tees!
Thank you Mary Mulvenna Zimmer for your thoughtfulness!
We LOVE them!
To visit one of Mary's stores/sites please click on the links below!

I was so surprised when I cracked an egg for Sunday morning BKF and it was 
Of course we immediately thought of Dr Seuss and his book
"Green Eggs and Ham"!
I do not want them Sam I am!
The pic does not do it justice- I had to search for my phone and as I did,
it slowly changed to a more normal color.

We did not eat it...
but after googling it we found out we could have eaten it.
A neon green egg contains a high amount of vitamin B3 
and it also may be green due to whatever the hen ate.

In early June the children and I visited Square Root Farm!
Ashley is 19 years old and she is a homeschool grad!

Her passion is farm animals and self sustaining farms!
For a very, very small fee we were able to spend an hour with her and learn about farm life!
Her Mom, Connie helps with the farm events and she joined us!

We milked the goats and fed the baby goats bottles!

The children each got a chance to ride her horse!

This was a first for Jenny!

Ben loved it!

Emma was thrilled!

Abby smiled ear to ear!

And Ellie was in heaven!

We learned about the different kind of chickens!
The white ones... may be on the dinner table at some point... sorry guys!

While these beauties lay wonderful eggs!

The children collected the eggs and ran around trying to catch the chickens!
They were very successful!
Makes me want a chicken coop!

And I will leave you with a pic of the children and I doing the rumba through the house
making sure it is all picked up !
We get in a long line and do a dance throughout the house
while finding things that still need to be put away!
Usually the kiddos at the end of the line have to put more things away!

We will post more summer fun later!