Sunday, October 30, 2016

She's How Old and He's How Old??

I can't believe that they are 15 and 23!

Slow down time!
This is all going by too fast!

This was actually Mia's birthday
but since Johnny is in college we celebrate him whenever it works for him.
Classes, homework, tests, soccer, etc make it impossible to plan ahead for college kids.

We went to the MOA (Mall of America) and did Dutchman'a Deck for the afternoon!

It was homeschool days at MOA so the price was right!

After the ropes course the children went on the zip line!

This was their first time and 
since we are moving we are trying to 
"get it all in"
before we go!

That's Mia coming in for a landing!

Emma (was afraid to do it and with her cognitive disability 
I felt she was making a good choice) 
and Luke (not quite tall enough) 
stayed back with me!

We had hot cocoa for the kids and a mocha for Mom from Caribou!

After Dutchman's Deck we went to 
"Fly Over America"
We loved it and saw so many places we have been and want to go!
I highly recommend this if you are at MOA!

We headed home at 4:00 and as we walked into our house...
Sarah and Mia heard water running and
that it was raining

Of course it was 5:05...
and all plumbers close at 5:00...
I called 5 different places,
my hubby (who was at the store getting the last of the birthday necessities)
and our handyman Steve.

I ran around the house trying to turn off the water.
Sarah ran to get a wonderful neighbor who was very helpful!

One plumber heard my plea for help on his voicemail and came right over.
He diagnosed the broken pipe/connection in the children faucet 
and directed us to a restoration company. 

"Paul Davis" a restoration company was at our home within two hours
and started the clean up!

Honestly, I was in shock that this had happened...
It's a first for me...

Since it was Mia's actual birthday we needed to "happily" move forward and celebrate her!
We put our trust in God and moved forward with the festivities.

Sarah and Mia can now commiserate regarding their birthdays!
For Sarah's B-day we took a boat to Key West. 
Quite a few of the kids threw up or were sea sick (including me).
Now for Mia's B-day our house was flooded...

But we still make the best of it and HAVE FUN!
We focus on the people and know that thankfully
"things can be repaired"...

Most importantly we are thankful to God for HIS provisions
and grace.

They always put on a good show!

The pics are not so good...
My head was spinning at the time.

If you look closely you can see the food flying through the air in the pics!

Thankful to celebrate this wonderful son and 


She chose the restaurant and was excited to celebrate her birthday with her brother!
(Johnny just happened to pic this, too)

Eat quickly or you will lose...
you snooze, you lose!

Love the littles and the bigs together!

This is what we came home too!
Just thankful they responded so quickly and got to work right away!

We carried on with our celebration as if our home wasn't being torn apart!

My view was of a birthday party
while just to my right their were fans, vacuums, ladders, etc...

Garrett and his buddy joined us for the birthday pics and cake!
No, we did not adopt them!

Happy Birthday Mia!
We love you!
Your past was hard but you are beginning to embrace your present life 
and we look forward to your future.
We are so proud of you!
Praying you continue to learn to trust and accept our love!
You are going in the right direction honey!
Keep on keeping on!

Happy Birthday Johnny!
We love you!

Mia went first! 
Clothes and anything else from Justice are always a good choice for a teen girl!

Perks of having younger sibs!

The children all made Johnny a card!

Johnny loved their thoughtfulness!

They were so proud of their hard work!

Big brothers are so good at making younger sibs laugh!

This would be Johnny attempting to read cursive...
You'd think it was in a different language!

This would be Melissa reading it for him!
Did I mention Melissa is in 

And the crowd gets closer!

Sarah bought Johnny a gift card
with her own money!

Sam made Johnny a soccer field birthday card!

Everyone wanted to play with it!

New tennis shoes!

Mia got a purple fleece weighted blanket!
It feels like a big hug when it covers you!

The children love their birthdays!
It is such a special time!
China does not celebrate birthdays... they go completely unnoticed...

Mia got a step watch, clothes, book light and books, and ...


Johnny got shorts (he wanted them- yes, I know it's fall and winter is coming soon)), 
tennis shoes, and...

gift cards!

Someone has rabbit ears and a bunch of photo bombers!
It's actually Luke that is doing the rabbit ears 
but it looks like it's Johnny!

She chose a dairy Queen Cake!

He chose a chocolate fudge cake!
Two good options for everyone!

I love celebrating our children but it is all going by way too fast!

Thank goodness you cannot hear us sing!

We are loud and off key!
BUT, we are happy and joyful!
And that's what counts!

Smile one more time before we are finished for the day!

I woke up in the middle of the night
so filled with joy...
Our adoption papers and our pictures were all spared!
Our children(and the parents) are fine and we are learning
how to work through challenging times.

Our trust is in the Lord!
And we are beyond thankful to HIM!