Wednesday, December 7, 2016

China Bound!

This sweet boy has waited tooooo long.
Praise God he is finally coming home!
The look of hope has vanished...
He needs us to come right now!

We are so thankful that we leave on Monday, Dec 5th for China!

We have met Jake before but 
this is the first time we will meet

Her gotcha day is scheduled for Wednesday, December 7th!

In this pic he is wearing the tennis shoes we gave him!

He is excited and full of life!

He has seen what life in a family is like
and he wants it!

Praying that we can once again encourage him and
help him be re engaged!

Sometimes the process just takes longer than expected...
And sometimes it goes faster than expected!

We have had it both ways
but unfortunately
this time it took longer...
mostly bc of us and a few 
mistakes we made...

We are so thankful that I leave on Monday, Dec 5th for China!

Ava and Melissa will travel with me!

Grace will be the first to be adopted!
I love how the nannies are studying the pictures!

We will meet Grace on Wednesday Dec. 7th(China time)!
Thank you Jesus!

Grace has a few more medical needs 
so we are working hard to bring supplies for her 
and figure out what is the best thing 
to do while we are in China.

She is studying the photo album!
And probably saying to herself-
 "what on earth am I getting
myself in to?"

So excited to have you join
our family

Praise GOD!

Sometimes after packing for 5 people, 
writing a novel(directions) for the sitters, 
convincing oneself that the home cannot run smoothly without you,
instructing those at home on the schedule,
and how to behave...
this happens!

 Thank you Joey for helping us figure out what size Grace is?
I think that jacket will work out just fine!

Seriously, what a good sport!
Now he is trying on girls skinny jeans
to see what size may fit Grace!

Thank you Joey and Madeline!

My traveling companions!

We can do this!

And we're off!

Please pray us to China,
through China
and home from China!



~Monica Utt~ Itty Bitty Land said...


Zanmei said...

As I read this it's already late evening here in Taipei, and the Mainland is the same time as us, so you already have Grace by now. Yeah! Can't wait to see pictures!

Nicole said...

You had us by surprise !
It is late afternoon here in France...
I suppose GrĂ¢ce is now with you...
Blessings and prayers !

Lilly said...

ohhh, you must have met Grace already!!!!! praying for a smooth transition for everyone at your household and in China.

Emily said...

You have her!!! I am PRAYING for the Lord's grace to infuse every moment of your time in China.

Jboo said...

Praying for you all there and back again!

K said...

How exciting that your new son and daughter will be home for Christmas. There may be something very special and amazing that happens in Jake's heart when he sees that you came for him that will instill in him a sense of knowing he is loved and wanted that can only be because he was with you once before. I'll be praying for things to go smoothly and I'll keep checking for updates.

I don't know what kind of medical supplies Grace needs, especially if they are of a personal nature, but I have quite a lot of things for one of my children. If you are in a pinch and need something waiting when you arrive home, please contact me and see if she needs the same kinds of supplies my daughter uses and I'll send some right out.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy we get to travel along with you and four of your children while you are in China. Thank you for including us. I'm so excited to see pictures of Grace and Jake with their Mommy and two of their sisters. Such a beautiful time. My prayers for the five of you as you travel, and for all of your loves at home.

Laurel said...

When we brought our girls home from Ghana, they were 6 and 9, while our at-home boys were 6 & 8. Before we travelled . . . our boys were trying on skirts and tops to check sizes. They didn't complain at all, since they knew they were doing it for their sisters.

love & hugs!

mtnrunner said...

I'm so happy the time has come for Grace and Jake to join the family! They will no doubt be such blessings to your lives! I can feel how your heart aches that the process took as long as it did but it will be o.k. Jake will understand some day and soon it will seem likes he's always been a part of the family.