Thursday, December 15, 2016

Our Last Days in Changchun, Jilin!

Changchun, Jilin and Minneapolis, Mn have a few things in common!
Especially, the cold winter weather!

The high was about 5 degrees BOTH places!
Cold enough to make a family cuddle together for warmth!

We ate a special lunch at a Hot Pot restaurant!
IT WAS SOOO GOOD and so much fun!

We all had our own hot pots and cooked our own food!
Sorry the pics are not very clear... I only have my iphone now ;-(

Then it was back to our room to relax!

The next day we skyped with everyone back home!

It was so good to see everyone and talk to them!
Oh my goodness, I miss my babies at home!

Grace and Jacob enjoyed meeting all the children and big brother Mark!

Then we went to the Little Emporer's Palace in Changchun!
It was supposed to be an indoor experience 
but it was a bit more of an outdoor adventure!
I didn't bring everyones hat and mittens 
(left them in the room)
so we ran as much as we could!
Daddy carried Grace!

Now that's a dining room
our family would enjoy!

It was so interesting learning about the story of the last Emporer of China!

Snacks anyone?
Yep, those are frogs!

And snake!

I don't think we wash windows in Minnesota
when it's 5 degrees outside?

And then out for lunch!

Jacob is doing sooooo well!
He is full of smiles and seems so relaxed!
He is truly happy to be with us!
I think he may have thought we would not come back for him...
how sad...

The children LOVE George!
It was very hard to leave him, especially for Grace.
They naturally attached to him bc he spoke Mandarin,
 he has a lot of personality and is an all around great guy!

It was a fun but tiring day so we relaxed  a bit in the evening! 

Next up~
Our journey to Guangzhou!
The last leg of an adoption trip!


N.H. said...

We had George as our guide in 2011! He truly is a wonderful man! Has he shared his birth story with you?! If not, ask him to share it with you! Such a testament of God's faithfulness! Enjoy the rest of your trip! Many blessings to your precious family!

Zanmei said...

I love reading the updates. Jacob and Grace look so happy. They already seem to be aware of how much they are loved!

Megan said...

It's so much fun to see you all together! Thanks for letting us share in the journey, once again :)