Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Reunited With Jake!

It's been 11 months since he left our house...
We are so thankful he is with us now!

Sometimes, meeting your new children is so perfectly orchestrated
and sometimes it's not...
But that's okay!
The most important thing is that he is back with us!

Since we are veterans at this and
since he already knows us
it was more of being reunited than
meeting each other for the first time.

Hubby had to go with our guide to exchange money while
the girls and I waited in the civil affairs office for them to return.

The next thing I know, 
Jake walks in with his Director and her assistant!
I wasn't nervous at all just excited to see him again!

Hubby wasn't there but he walked in after just a few minutes!

Jake was very happy to see his Baba!

It feels so good to have him back, with us!

My camera broke a couple days ago 
so now I am taking pics with the cell phone.
Looked into buying a new camera here in China but 
they do not have the newer models and they are outrageously expensive.

(I'm thinking this might be a great Christmas gift 
for a Mom that loves to take pics, blog and has many children!)

Our two newbies, together at last!

Jake is the perfect name for this guy!
After he left our home last January
the children told us stories about some of the shenanigans he used to play!
I was oblivious!
So he is a trickster!

The director has been sending me pictures of Jake through WeChat!
It has been such a blessing to be able to get them 
as we have been in the process to adopt him! 

We are in Jilin Province which is in the northeast quadrant of China next to North Korea.
Jake's orphanage is right next to the boarder.
It is cold here, much like Minnesota!
It is a little farther north than Inner Mongolia!

We were invited to visit the orphanage.
This is something that we think is very important to do...
It brings closure to the child and it help us to see first hand his life before our family....

However, in this circumstance we decided we wouldn't be able to go.
There is a mountain range between Changchun and Tonggua.
With freshly fallen snow and poor road conditions driving there wasn't an option.
The train takes 8 hours each way...
safety and time wise it just wasn't going to work out...

Jake never hesitated signing the adoption papers!

He is 9 years old.
When the children are 10 years old they can say no to being adopted.
Some children between the ages of 10-14 have said no...
It is so sad because they have no idea what they are saying no too...
They are afraid to leave their country, their language, their friends
and their life... even if it's not a very good life...

He came to us with the backpack we sent with him
when he went back to China last January.
He had his photo albums- so thankful!
The one we gave him when he left us and 
the one we sent him as he waited for us to return.

Grace was attentive and watched the process very closely!

It went smoothly and 
we got all necessary paperwork done (for today)!

Jake was a little quiet and reserved in the beginning,
especially since the director was with us.
He was happy but quiet.

The director wanted a selfie with the two of us.
I love how my wrinkles completely disappeared!
How did she do that?

There is something so profoundly sad about a child
saying goodbye to everything they have ever known...
to start a new life, new language, new culture.
They arrive with so little...
a bag or two.
And then, in a split second the goodbyes are over...
their old life is over
and the new life has begun...

I got teary(but held it back), the director did not get teary.
 I watched Jake...
for a moment I thought he might get teary,
but he didn't.

And just like that, he turned away from his old life
and walked into his new life.

needs, deserves, desires
a family!

And then we moved on to lunch...!

It was similar to a food court in a shopping mall but nicer.
So many great, healthy choices!

Three of the children chose soup with noodles!
I should have taken pics of our meals!
We are eating very healthy meals.
I think the food in China is getting better!

Our four kiddos at dinner!
Missing the other 12...
I mean 17 plus!

Goodnight Gals!

Good night children!

Goodnight Jake!
You are with your forever family!
You will be loved, provided for, encouraged, prayed for and safe!
God Bless You, dear child!


kimjax said...

Loved this post, Jean!! Your family is now complete. (again!) The children look like they're doing well - and it's so nice that Grace has a fellow Chinese speaker now. Can't wait to see the pics from GZ - and hoping you get some warmer weather!! Praying for a trouble free and healthy trip - the food looks yummy!

Alison G. said...

So happy things are going smoothly for you! The weather in GZ was 78*! It is the perfect time of year be here! Christmas music and warm weather! Can you tell I am from the south? ;0)


Zanmei said...

So happy to see Jake reunited with you. Congratulations on your latest two additions!

Jboo said...

So happy he is back with you and your wonderful family!

Hey -- what wrinkles? You look so pretty!

Emily said...

YES! The post I've been blog stalking for! So much joy! Two more children with their family. I love it!

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy!! I have been praying about Jake returning to his family since last year when he first arrived in America. Thank you Heavenly Father for prayers answered. I love-love seeing your four children all cozy, happy and safe in their beds. I can already see a difference in the face of little Grace. I can tell sweet Jake is happy and content. Bless their precious hearts. As always, I have tears of happiness and thankfulness to God when I read your posts. Your pictures are priceless. Sending love and prayers, Always xo

altman5 said...

Beautiful post, Jean! So, so happy for you all!

Jennie said...

A happy (forever) reunion with Jake~~oh happy day!

K said...

So great to see you with Jake again! Grace looks cute in that sweater and looks happy and as if she's been with you forever. I hope her transition is going as well as it looks. I wonder if Jake will tell her more about being in a family and what it's like...

I thought it was very funny that you think the food is getting better in China. I wonder if it's more that you're so experience now traveling through China that you know where to look :)

Judy Abbott Getz Buzzell said...

Jean, this makes me so happy! Your Christmas will be wonderful! I'm so happy for these precious ones! God bless you all and give you safe restful travel back home. Love, Judy

ZetteLolo said...

Xmas will be a wonderful one for your family. God bless you all ! You are a wonderful family !

Kristalyn Sensenig said...

We have followed your blog for several years and have been inspired and encouraged by your family. Imagine our delight to recognize the orphanage and director of Grace's orphanage. We were privileged to adopt a little boy from the same orphanage in 2012. He is now 8 years old.
Blessings on you and your family.

Unknown said...

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