Monday, December 19, 2016

Sharing the Joy!

These two children are

Most people would just post a movie 
but since I don't know how to do that...
I'm posting a series of pictures
so you can see the
joy in this dear child!

And yes, those are faint dimples in her cheeks!

When Jake and Grace saw this tiny playground at the hotel
they both squealed with excitement!

There are playgrounds at the orphanages but I don't think the kids get to use them much...

All of our children, no matter what age they were when they came home
did not know how to use a swing...

Grace was no exception!

No children or animals were hurt while making this post!

But Grace hysterically laughed
and then of course
we all did, too!

We love the joy and positive energy that she exudes!

She actually had already done this once before
and came back for more (nothing stops her)!
I think we felt this time we could laugh with her!

Okay, time to take a break and she can push Ava!

It's much safer this way!

Round three!

Of course I'm saying,
"Ava be careful, watch her closely!
Don't let her fall!"

There's no audio in my series of pics!

We're doing good, so far!

Oh no, we're starting to go crooked again!

Daddy to the rescue!

Hang on sweet girl!

And hang on Daddy!

You did it!

Time for hot chocolate for the kids 
and coffee for the parents!
We love having Starbucks right in the building!
It's such a treat!

Thank you Jesus for our time in China with theses precious children!


Wendy said...

How sweet. Love the laughter!

From the Erben Gang..... said...


Unknown said...

So glad all is going so well! They are adorable. Love following along!

Mary Adair said...

Looks amazing... So glad they are doing so well. Sure wish I could have gone back. :(

Debbie said...

It appears you picked the right two siblings to help on the trip. They all seem to be having a blast.

Anonymous said...

Love the fun action pictures, and all of the big smiles and laughter. The photos with the children and their Starbucks are so cute.

Jennie said...

Great action photos~~both kiddos especially Grace are adjusting so very well. Praise Be To God.