Thursday, December 8, 2016

We Have Grace!

Grace walked into the room just as we were doing her paperwork!
 She seemed content and fairly happy 
but I think this pics shows the confusion and sadness
she felt as she left everything she has ever known...

Grace is from an orphanage in Beijing.
It is an SWI so there are older people and children there.

There is a gate that needs to be opened
in order to enter,
or leave...
I am sure it is for safety for the young and the older residents
but it feels confining.

It is considered a nice orphanage
by orphanage standards.

She is the first child to be adopted
internationally this year from the orphanage.
Four other children were adopted domestically in 2016.
There are only 80 children in her orphanage.

It is so interesting looking at these pics because
I did not get the feeling that she was this sad...
I guess I'm gonna have to teach our sweet girl how to smile!

Well, now I see a hint of a smile!

We were not able to see where she sleeps or any of the other children.
It's against orphanage rules.

Darn, I wish we could have had a peak into her life...
hopefully they took pics and 
they are on the flash drive they gave us?!?

She is good at coloring!
Unfortunately they gave Grace a haircut before we came ;-)
I would have loved to have had it done professionally in GZ or at home...
thankfully hair grows!

This is the director of the orphanage.
Grace/ Dong Li had a special place in her heart!

Momma with three of her girls!

I popped the sucker out of her mouth for the pic!
Note to self- Jake can have his sucker after the pics!

I wasn't quite fast enough this time!

Leaving the orphanage and saying our goodbyes.
The woman on the right was her care giver.

She said many goodbyes and had many last looks but did not shed any tears.

Grace is very smart!
She speaks clearly and has an extensive vocabulary!
She has wonderful conversations with our guide, William.
She is interested in everything!
She is very susceptible to car sickness- poor dear!
Thank goodness they had extra bags in the car!

We met the director at an government office to sign the rest of the paperwork.
Grace was loved!
She understands giving and getting love!
I think bonding both ways will go very well,
with time!

They were enthralled with the size of our family 
but one official wasn't so sure about 
the homeschooling.

Some of our kiddos are ahead of their grade
while other have special learning needs and
 are making excellent progress
considering their special needs.

I felt like I needed to do some convincing
but actually I just need to be peaceful
with our choice.
Not everyone will agree it.

Lunch was tasty?
Grace loved it!
I wrote in a letter to the orphanage a couple month ago
and told them what her new name would be.
She read the letter to us and she knew her name before we even arrived!
She even answers to it (sometimes)!

We are all doing well
a bit jet lagged!
My luggage is still not her
 but I was able to pick up a little bit of make up the night we arrived.

St*rbucks makes everything better!

Grace/ Dong Li seems to be embracing her new found freedom!
She understands the concept of family and having a Momma and sisters.
Right now she is eating up the attention and love.

As the day went on she became more and more comfortable with us!

And this would be her Jie Jie 
teaching her how to use her new electronic game
and enjoying it so much herself 
that she is not giving it back to her new Mei Mei!

Good girl Ava!

Trying out the ipad!
She has two cute little dimples in her cheeks!

The four of us played Jenga.

She was very good at it...

and never caused the tower to fall over!

Some of us had better luck than others!
Sorry Melissa!

Jenga is a great game for adoption trips!
No language is necessary!

A shower, down time and coloring before bed!

She is absolutely delightful!
So easy to get along with and goes with the flows but tells us what she wants.

She jabbers away at me and wants to tell me things...
wish I could understand Mandarin!
Ava is remembering some Mandarin and able to speak to Grace
Melissa has been quiet, but I'm hoping it will come back to her, too!
(she is a little shy)

I know these pics are blurry but wanted to post them anyways!
We brought a "hug time" (from the movie Trolls) bracelet for her!
Every time she pushes the button
we hug her!

She thought we were so very funny!

And loved the hugs!

It was a great first day!


kimjax said...

She is ADORABLE!!! Just noticed that all 3 girls have dimples - so cute. :) Looks like all is going well despite the baggage loss. Hope you get it soon. Praying for you, Jean!!

Unknown said...

Oh such a wonderful site. She is beautiful! So wonderful that she will be so loved!

likeschocolate said...

So interesting that you went to the orphanage to pick her up! Is this how it is being done all over China or just specific to her orphanage also that it was done on a Wednesday as opposed to a Monday. Congratulations! She is lovely! I am so glad all went well and pray that your luggage will come today.

EllenW said...

So very happy for you!!! Sounds like a wonderful 1st day, God is good!!

Sherri said...

Oh Jean, that is wonderful! Sounds like an awesome day for sure with Grace. I'm so very happy for you and your big family. I love reading your blog.
Hugs from Florida

Anonymous said...

Oh my gracious, Jean. It is so wonderful to see Grace's beautiful little face all lit up with her adorable smile. I'm so very happy for all of you. It is so sweet to see your precious girls playing Jenga together, and all of the love and hugs. Just priceless! My prayers continue for all of you in China, and all of your loves at home. God bless and protect each one of you.

Emily said...

So many friends have adopted from China. It's amazing to watch the transformation in the little faces as time goes by. God certainly intended for children to be in families, and your family delights my heart. Happy for Grace, happy for y'all, and looking forward to seeing Jake with you again!

Sammy said...

She is lovely!

Sarah said...

She is darling! So happy that she is doing well. Praise God!

jomag said...

Thank you for sharing your journey with us! We love the updates and pics. My daughter was adopted from Guatemala and has been home for 6 years now. We are looking at your blog together often.

Tammy said...

Just brings a smile to my face! What a Wonderful Blessing for All of You to be united together - family forever - Truly a Bleesing! Love reading your blog as we prepare to pick up our daughter from India (I think we are just a couple of months behind you). This is not our 1st adoption (those took place 18 & 20 years ago) but this is our first older child adoption. So excited for your family & I so much enjoy reading your blog! Merry Christmas!