Sunday, July 9, 2017

Food, Fun and Fellowship!

We were so blessed this spring(May 25th) 
to have guest 
visit us!

One of our priests from our church in MN-
 Holy Name of Jesus,
Medina, MN
brought his Catholic Studies class
from the University of St Thomas
to do mission work for the poor in Denver, CO.

They worked with Christ in the City
and Friends of the Poor
while they were here! 

And then they came to our home
for some fun, food and fellowship!

18 students,
 3 chaperones,
1 priest,
16 children 
2 parents

Our children loved the time they spent 
with the students and chaperones!

Everyone played games!
Foosball, four square, ping pong, pool,
air hockey, jumped on the trampoline,
visited the puppies and talked and talked and talked!

It was such a joy filled time in our home!

There was some tough competition going on
at our house!

Good job Fr. Howe!
Sarah won!

Preparing for our guests was a family affair!
Picking up the house and getting the food ready!

They were such a wonderful group of students
eager to serve the poor and show the love of Christ to others!

After the initial fun it was time for the FOOD!

We are used to feeding 18 on a daily bases
so 20 more just meant 
we had to double everything!

It was easy!

It was so wonderful seeing
We LOVE Colorado but
a little bit of time with
Minnesotan was
good for our soul!

We set up many different places for people to eat at
throughout the house!

The students were so friendly and 
 mingled with the kids
throughout their time at our home!

The children LOVED it!

So many great conversations going on all at the same time!

I just noticed that Matthew was spelled wrong... oops!
Oh well, it's still a great message!

May 25th was a big day-
 three people had birthdays!
It was Stephen's(standing in the plaid shirt), our Grace's and my birthday!
Plus Fr. Howe's ordination day!

So much to CELEBRATE!
They sang to each of us and 
they had beautiful voices!

They sang to each of us and 
they had beautiful voices!

God's presence was felt!

It was Grace's first birthday home!
What a wonderful way to spend it!

So much laughter and JOY!

The whole crew!
(I think)

And then it was time to share-
 about their service
about our journey in our faith,
in business,
in marriage,
in adoption,
and in service to our Lord!

They had many questions about our large family life.

We hope that we touched hearts
for adoption.

147 million orphans...

It's not hard to love just one more...

Our children have blessed us in unimaginable ways.

I pray that others will open their hearts to adopt and will

It was hard to say goodbye!
Everyone had so much FUN!

Clean up was snap with
16 adorable helpers!

Perfect timing!
Garbage pick up was the next morning!

Thanks GOD,
for today!


Julie said...

What a beautiful group! We were actually in Colorado Springs and Denver through the week of the 4th. Walking around downtown Denver my heart was broken for the poor, homeless, and those with addiction issues that we encountered. We live just about 30 min from Branson, MO but wow do we wish we could turn right around and move back to Denver to live. So beautiful and thr places to minister. <3

Jenny said...

Is all ok? It's been a while since you have updated!

Françoise said...

Long ago that you did not give news, I hope everything goes well

mary m said...

I have also been concerned for your family.
Your fans have not heard from you after a
month, and we begin to be concerned for you.
Bless be you all,
mary , age 71

Zanmei said...

I've been concerned also (though with a recent move, 16 children at home, including two who have only been home a few months, I can imagine it might be difficult to find time to update!) You have a fantastic family, and I hope you are all well.
Blessings from a fan in China

Unknown said...
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Updated by Lila Huggins (grandmother) said...

So worried about you! Is everyone OK?

I've checked everyday for so long. I'm just praying all is well.

Lila Huggins

Allybibi said...

I Live in France (normandy) et I read your blog whith a great pleasure since few years ! I adopted my girl in China(special need) on 2008. She is 11 and is fine.
I Worry because you didn't post since few months.
Are you ok ? and your dear family ? I hope so !!!
Blessings from France