Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving 2017

Since life was a bit busy we didn't get a chance to coordinate clothes!

We call this photo...
"The Battle of the Plaids"

We will try harder next time!
Until then,
I am just happy to have this photo 
of our current and complete family!

Of course,
I am also up for it being "not current" at any moment!
Got that, big kids!

Kathryn Lee Photography
at work!

Her hubby has it down!
Keep the smile, keep focused on the camera even if the kids aren't!
Be part of the solution NOT the problem!

I could decide what pic I liked best!
Love the look in her eye!

And now,
Ali is looking perfectly at the camera!

Yes, all you have to do is point and
Nana will take you where ever you want to go!

We watched the Viking game on Thanksgiving!

We also have a Packer fan among us,
so not all of us were happy with the results!
(Sorry Caitlin!)

I wanted to get MORE pics of kids, etc but 
once the group broke up and started playing
football, 500, and keep away...

my hopes were dashed!

We love watching everyone hanging out together 
and enjoying themselves!

The crowd that cheered the athlete on!

Nice catch Hubby/ Papa!
Very impressive!
I bet you used to play football?
Oh, don't get him started on the conversation!
We've been having it since the day we met!

This makes a Momma happy!

Time for a water break!

Catch it Johnny!

I love to decorate the dining table for the holiday.
The center pieces cannot be too high 
like in the magazines or people cannot
see each other and converse 
from one side of the table to the other!

We never fully moved into this house
hence the empty display shelves and barren walls.

We chose not to have the last truck 
that we packed in the end of August delivered.
We suspected a move was in our future...?

The kitchen here is Yuuuuggggeeeeee!
Perfect for our extra large family!
We will miss it 
but we love cozy with character, too!

This game is 
it's sooooo loud!

Bigs and littles playing a game!

The littles adore the bigs...
and I adore that!

Even Ali(grand baby) is having FUN!

Katie made her delicious
sweet potatoes dish with marsh mellows!

Hubby is testing out the food!

It's good!
Let's serve it up!

There was NO lefse in Colorado!
We had to import it from Minnesota!

This was part of the plan!
I-pads are sometimes a neccessity!

The Mom and Dad were hoping to be able to sit down 
and enjoy their Thanksgiving meal!

When their are 29 people you need many different places to eat!

The counter kids!

The adult table!
Thank you Katie, for taking the pic!

And Elodie, too!

We had a family turkey coloring contest!

The contestants did their best coloring
and entered it into the contest!

The adults admired their hard work 
and complimented them
on their creativity and uniqueness!

The adults voted for the two of the entires.
The votes were tallied...

And the winners of the turkey coloring contest are...
Emily (an eclectic version/ Picaso like) and
Grace(a non traditional Green Bay Packer turkey) .

Congratulation girls!

Our five little boys
in their uncoordinating clothes!

It was a casual Thanksgiving this year!
Our big girls and grand baby Elodie!
My goodness, we will miss this precious child
when we move...

So blessed to have everyone together!
Thank you for joining us, Emily!

Our bigs!
Missing Kari and Abby-
maybe next year!

my attempt to get a pic of the grands...

they were a but uncooperative...

Okay, okay...
it was the end of the evening and they were tired...

Love these babies!

Thankful, Grateful, Blessed!


K said...

It all looks so fun! I miss the large family crowd at the holidays like it was when I was growing up. My mom had 5 kids and my aunt had 5 so we had the adult table, the kid table and the counter kids, too. I was telling my girls just today, in fact, how it was and that the kids had blankets and/or sleeping bags on the floor during the holidays at my grandparents' house.

Unknown said...

Just beautiful! Merry Christmas!

Karen said...

I'm confused...as usual ;) Did you move back to Minnesota or to another city in Colorado? Love the pictures. Happy New Year