Thursday, December 7, 2017

Our July Birthday Trifecta!

On July 20th (Ellie), 21st (Emma) and 22nd (Joey) we are busy celebrating!
This happens twice a year for us!
(The other time is March 31st (Jenny), April 1st (Emily and Jake) and April 2nd (Anna)!)
And this year, Easter will be celebrated on April 1st...
busy times!

Yes... there are time that we want to simplify the 
whole birthday celebration thingy...
It's a lot and we do get...
warn out.

But look at her smile!

 And that's when we realize that we can do this!
We can make one day... their day... every year!
(Times 16, plus 3 in loves, plus 3 grands!)

Happy 15th Birthday, Ellie!

As usual, the kids make their own cards!

No matter how simple they are...

 they are still appreciated by the birthday girl or boy!

We have toned down on the gift giving...
which is okay because we all have all that we need.

The birthday person can make a list as long as they want...
but they need to star only 4 things that are their top choices...

in hopes that they will get 2-3 of the four things they really want.

I love how the crowd gathers
closer and closer!

Everyone enjoys the celebration
and a close look at the birthday girl's gifts!

 15 candles!

 Ellie chose cheesecake!

 HaPpY BiRtHdAy to YOU!!!

Hope your birthday wishes come true!

And then it's
EMMA'S turn!

They have been home for 7.5 years!
They were scared to death when they met us
and our time together in China
was beyond challenging!

Once home, they adjusted to life in a family and became amazing daughters!
We are very blessed to have them in our family!

This is Emma's favorite day of the year!

She loves that so many of her siblings made her birthday cards!

You are so loved, Emma!

Emma gets very excited about her birthday!
Sometimes she can get a little too excited...
so we just say, "Emma, calm down!"
and she answers back, "Okay"

It's a long 365 days between birthdays!

And now it's finally
her turn!

Happy 17th Birthday, Emma!

Emma chose a bundt cake!

I had to keep this pic in the mix 
because it's one of the best pics of Jake!
He hasn't quite perfected his picture smile. 
He tends to look away or 
close his eyes or 
have a fake smile. 

We're working on it!

Great pic of Emma!

She's is beaming with joy!
You missed one candle!

And then the next day...
it was Joey's Birthday!

Joey gave me his birthday list a couple weeks early!
As we celebrated Emma we asked him 
if he was excited to open his presents the next day.
He said he was very excited!
And then, I asked him what he wanted most from HIS birthday list?

turns out Joey never wrote his birthday list...
he had some help from his two older bros...
Well, at least Joey will get what Sam and Ben want...

Our little guy is looking so much older...
I didn't really notice until...

Happy 9th Birthday, Joey!

It's finally your turn!

And he loves the homemade cards from the sibs, too!

Grace and Jake are fitting right in!

Since Sam and Ben had a lot to do with writing Joey's birthday list...
they were very excited to see what... 
Joey got!

He got everything they wanted!

Had to do a selfie of the crowd!

Sam and Ben were very pleased!

Joey struggles with sitting still and finishing a task-
 so we thought puzzles may help him!
and yes, I told him to open his eyes...
note to self- don't do that!

He's all boy...
so crashing cars
are perfect for him!

Here's what it looks like from the birthday boy's perspective!

And of course every boy needs a water gun!
Especially when your brothers don't have one...
enjoy Joe!
Run brothers!

Joey chose a bundt cake, too!

Can't believe he is 9 yrs old!

Happy Birthday, Joey!

We spent the afternoon at Chuck E Cheese!
Joe choice of activities!

Everyone got a certain amount of tokens 
and when you are done
you are done!

No extras, no borrowing,
everyone gets the same amount...

Grace loved the games!

The birthday boy with Chuck E Cheese!

The perfect way to celebrate
if you are
a 9 yr old boy!

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K said...

As I was reading and looking at the pictures, I was thinking, "Wow, that's a lot of cake!" We had Thanksgiving with pie on Thursday, a birthday with cake the next day on Friday, then, a week later, another birthday so another cake. We could barely finish one before the next came. But you have an advantage... I'm sure by the time everyone gets one piece of cake in your blessedly large family, there's none left!

I suppose I could have shared ours with the dogs......

How have you been doing over all in your new home and town? Are you feeling like it's home? Have you sorted out all the new medical/therapy people you need and made new friends? Is it hard making new friends with the demands of a family of many and with some with extra needs? After over 4 years in my new town, I still haven't made a single really good friend and the others are still in the acquaintance zone.