Wednesday, December 13, 2017

There's No Place Like Home!

Yep, we are going HOME!

We will be heading back to MN in January.

Not exactly good planning...
because it's the middle of the winter
we are going to embrace the winter
with sledding, hot cocoa, warm nights by the fireplace...
and an opportunity to go through
35 plus years (and 21 children) of stuff
(not the children... the stuff!)

Ya... we may have our work cut out for us...
bc we may have a storage space or two or three or....
It's best that I stop right there!

It feels good to go back to familiar!

Moves are a lot of work...
they are over the top stressful...
but going back to familiar makes it a tad bit easier...

We're replanning who is in which bedroom 
and what furniture we will put where
and that we intend to not have any "piles of stuff" 
laying around the house.

We are talking about all the things we love about Colorado and
all the things we are looking forward to, once we are in Minnesota.

Big brothers, friends, church, boating, sledding, swimming, 
soccer games (Johnny's going to be coaching a team and 
yes, we will watch him coach and cheer the team onto a victory), 
cookouts on the front lawn, golden retrievers running the yard,
school/homeschool, field trips with friends, activities, familiar faces
and so much more!

Thank you Jesus for working out all of the details!

Hoping to NOT move for a
LONG while...
but we will see about that?

All prayers appreciated!


Sammie said...

Wish I lived closer to where you are now or where your moving. I would love to help out. Since I don't will send lots of good thoughts your way and hope it all goes as smoothly as possible.

lilbets said...

Hi hope the preparation and move go well. Curious as to why the move and why now. Ah purging good luck with that. So hard to do. 😁😁

jill funkhouser said...

would love to know how you guys do it financially with such a big family. We are a family of 8 and struggle. Looking for ideas and tips please. My email is and our blog is