Friday, July 13, 2018

Celebrating Grace!

Dear Grace,
It is a joy to celebrate you!

You are a blessing to this family!

And you are always so good natured!

Except, when your brothers tease you...

And because you are not one to defend yourself...

We are helping you to speak up for yourself 
and to tell your brothers to stop it.
We are teaching you to ignore bothersome behavior
and to move on to more important things!

But wait a second!
You share your birthday with someone that LOVES you very much!

When we saw that your birthday was the same as mine...
we knew you were ours!

Our oldest son Matt, has the same birthday as Dad 
and now our youngest daughter Grace, 
has the same birthday as her mom!

So, it was my turn to sneak into the pic and enjoy it with you!

So for today we get a 2fer celebration!

 The other kids love making cards for the birthday girl or boy!

You loved opening your presents!

And you were thankful for each and every one of them!

You have a heart of gold, dear daughter!

And to think...
if we didn't move forward,
we could have missed this...

I can't imagine that...

Yep! We gave you a water gun so you could defend yourself at the pool! 

I think she is beaming with joy! 

Grace turned 10 in May!
And I turned much older than that!

In China they do not celebrate birthdays.
Especially for orphans...
so this is Grace's 2nd celebration.

She is loving every minute of it!

I think she is putting some thought into her wish!

Thank you Jesus!