Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Those Three Words - A Book Review

I was so excited when I was asked to read this book
and write a review!

Our children at home have became avid readers
but somehow
I can't quite find the time to sit down and

This was the perfect reason for me to get a chance to READ!

I told them...
Mommy has homework!
I get to read too!

I am going to be completely honest!

I couldn't put it down...
except I had to
because I have 21 kids, 3 "in loves",
2 girlfriends and 5 grand children.

So instead, I carried it everywhere I went
and read it anytime I had a free moment!

It deals with some hard life issues...
an unplanned teen pregnancy and the life changing decisions that follow.

The excitement of the new found freedom that college has to offer
along with the responsibilities that come with it.

The dream that a young college student has
and the reality of the direction her life is going in...

The depth of love within a family
and the intricate communication styles amongst family members.

The book flowed and was a very comfortable read!

It felt familiar to me because the setting was in Minnesota.

I loved the faith aspect of it.
No preaching but definitely a God journey.

Our lives are not a straight line...
events cause it to twist and to turn,
so many unexpected surprises
both welcomed
and unwelcomed.

It's all leading us somewhere
and it's all for a purpose...
HIS purpose.

Things happen for reasons
we do not always understand
until we look back and the dots begin to connect...

As we travel our own journey called LIFE -
 let's show compassion on others
 help them with tenderness and kindness.

Thank you
Christine Bauer
for sharing your LIFE with us!

I'd really LOVE to meet you someday!


Joyce Pinney said...

5 grandchildren??? Were a couple more born since your last post?

Zanmei said...

What Joyce Pinney said...also, another child has married? Glad you are blogging again, I love reading about your wonderful family!

Char said...

While I respect that you loved this book, I have to state that I didn't love it. I appreciated that it spoke to both the beauty and the pain of adoption. In spite of this, I had trouble loving it as I felt there wasn't an appreciation of the sacredness of ALL life....including those babies who might not be "perfect".

That being said, I am thankful you are back to blogging. I've missed your posts.

Joy said...

Needed to be reminded of what you said in the last 4 paragraphs! Thank you! Lots of twists & turns around here this year!

Unknown said...

Jean, please explain 5 grandchildren and three in-laws...I’m confused. 🤷🏻‍♀️😄❤️

headsup07up said...

Sounds like an good read!! May have to add that to my list!! <3 Love you hun!