Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Doing It Different This Year- Halloween 2018

We are getting older and embracing it!
Some kiddos wanted to dress up while other's didn't,
so we let them choose!
Here are the nine that still wanted to wear costumes!

We went to "Boo Blast" (a small community Halloween gathering) 
but mainly just to see Mia!
She works at the store that hosts the celebration!

Our bigs, that chose not to wear costumes!
We(our children) will almost all be between 5'3' and 4'11"!
Thinking Anna, Abby, and Ben may be taller than that???

Yes, we are recycling and reusing our costumes from other years!

After trick or treating in this small area we went home
and the kids ate some of their candy.
The next day the kids ate some more of their candy
and the following day was their

I told them the rest of the candy would be donated to the family pile...
Much to my amazement the children had eaten everything
and their was nothing left for the family bag...

Hmmmmmmm... again

 (Today, on Halloween day, we went bowling in costumes with friends!)

And then it dawned on me...
Why, there is no candy left for the family bag?
Why, we are not doing the big
free for all trick n treating event in the evening.

Our kids are absolutely amazing!
I really could go on and on about them!
They have blossomed so beautifully, each in their own way!
Many friends, family members, acquaintances and bystanders
comment on our children and their behavior!

BUT, this holiday brings out the worst in them...
Every. single. one. of. them...

They unfairly bargain to get what they want.
They take advantage of those that are younger
(less knowledgeable and cognitively disabled).
They lie.
They sneak.
They take (steal) from each other.
They hide their winnings.

So, we called an immediate family meeting
and I talked calmly about how this holiday
brings out characteristic
that we do not want to
highlight, encourage, or magnify...

We talked about past Halloweens...

We talk about trust and honesty
and how well we have done for
12 months of the year,
EXCEPT Halloween.

We reassured everyone that we (the parents) would not be mad

IF... IF... IF...
they had misunderstood
and thought they were supposed to
take the rest of their candy up to their room
and hide it...

that right now would be a wonderful time for them to go
get THAT candy and put it in the family bag...

And what do you think happened?

11 out of 12 kids scurried upstairs and got their
HIDDEN candy
and put it in the family candy bag.
(the other one didn't hide any... as far as we know :-)

This is progress!

It might not be your kind of progress
it is our kind of progress!

 (Our bowling bride)

(A bowling Cinderella)

The Halloween party goers!
(Missing Mia bc she's working.)

 The Moms (Selinda and I), chat while the kids bowl!
It's our own little support group and has been such a blessing!

Today is an absolutely beautiful fall day!
Some of the kids are at their writing class, now.
 And the rest of the kiddos are enjoying fresh air
and playing outside!

Tonight, we will have a wonderful pasta dinner together!
No one come to our house to trick or treat
bc we are not in a neighborhood.

Happy Halloween
Happy All Souls Day
Happy All Saints Day

Hope you are having a FUN family time!

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