Saturday, November 3, 2018

Babysitting and Loving it!

Warning- out of order posts!
Spending the weekend in Richmond, VA
 and babysitting the kids!

Yes, this is grand baby #5
and we haven't even introduced him, yet!

He's name is Bennett and he's 2 months 12 days old!

Their Mom and Dad went to
"The Price is Right"
for a date!

Hoping they come home with a new car ;-0

Loving our time with our babies!

We are at an intense 4 yr old soccer game,
cheering in #15 and the RED Manatee team!

Playing with Papa on the soccer field!

These two,
 LOVE hanging out together!

They are besties!

Wondering what they are saying?

Whatever it is,
I'm sure it's quite profound!

Emily got a trophy !

It was a great soccer season!
Her friend Sal, wanted his trophy, too!

Lunch at Chic-A-Filet!

Have a wonderful day, you two!
They made it in time to get their names in,
 so they could possibly be in the show!

 Playtime with baby Bennett!

Quiet time for the girls!

And time for Bennett to eat!

Nana feeding baby Bennett,
with a helping hand from sister, Ali!

This is such a special time with the grands!

A couple weeks ago,
we were blessed to babysit our 2 grands in Colorado!

Very thankful for that time and this time with our little babies!

The 3 big boys in MN- Billy, Mark and Johnny 
(along with their girlfriends and wife)
are managing things at home!
Plus Auntie Barbie and Sarah!

Thank you! 
This wouldn't be possible without you!

They are ready to enter 
"The Price is Right"
and WIN BIG!

He is an incredibly calm baby.
After 2 very active babies,
this is a treat!

And he's hungry, again!

He is downing these 4 oz bottles in minutes!

And Papa will rock him to sleep!
He seems satisfied this time!

Sleeping baby with full tummy!

So the kids have full Trick or Treat bags
and they are salivating...

Sorting and counting
just isn't working for them...

And I was trying to say no...
but after while a Nana gets tired of saying no....

And saying "no",
IF, I remember correctly...
is NOT a Nana and Papa's job...

we quit sorting and counting
and we are eating!

After playing outside for an hour and a half,
we had a pizza dinner.
Then more Trick or Treat candy for dessert and
an evening movie!

Two of three are in bed!
After 15 oz of stored milk, 
Bennett is still anxiously awaiting his mother's return!

All is well!
Loved our time with these three treasures!