Friday, May 31, 2019

Dream Night at the Minnesota Zoo

Our family belongs to an organization called HopeKids!
It is for families with children who are facing life threatening health conditions.
The children's lives are dependent on medical interventions
such as chemo drugs and other medications, regular blood transfusions,
and other medical procedures and cares.

HopeKids is a blessing beyond belief to our family 
and now that I am trying to write on the blog more often... 
Well, we will be sharing 
the incredibly fun blessings 
that this organization does for families 
with medically fragile kiddos!

"Helping Paws" were at the zoo this evening!
Even though we have 2 golden retrievers at home we couldn't resists
these adorable doggies!

Many of them were in training and some were actually "working".

I admire those that individuals that train these beautiful companions
and then have to give them up after 2 1/2 years.

That is incredible service, kindness, and selflessness.
They need to be recognized!

At "Close Encounters" we learned about ant eaters.
Fascinating creatures!

And... at the Bird Show Encounters we met Gladys!
Who is a very large Eurasian Eagle Owl!

There she is with the rest of us!
Do you see her in the back row?

Our two younger girls were able to meet Belle and Cinderella!

It was pretty precious!
Love that they still like princesses!

Thank you for this wonderful evening!

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Birthday Date With My Big Boys

Thank you Billy, Mark and Johnny!
It was so much fun having time with these three!
(We missed you Matt, Caitlin, Katie and Andrew!)

It was such a cool place to go and 
located in downtown Minneapolis!

We tapped into our creative side and discovered our artistic ability!

Mark made luggage tags for him and Kari!
Johnny made MN Twins Coasters!
Billy make a world map on wood!

I made bracelets and a tassel necklace!

And yes, I should have taken more pics but 
I was completely enjoying myself and 
loving my time with these three big boys!

Thank you Jesus for dates with amazing sons!


Note to readers-
I have 80,000+ picture and they would no longer load...
It made blogging and FB much more difficult.
I have had a bit of help from apple care and figured out an easier way to blog!

Very Thankful
and hoping to blog more!