Thursday, July 30, 2020

Mary's First Communion!

And our 22nd First Communion!

It was previously scheduled 
for the end of April,
but because of Covid 
it had to be rescheduled.

Now look at that banner of hers!
Yes, I'm a proud Momma!

Our last First Communion in May 2019
was with Grace, Jake, Luke, and Joe.
They had "nice" banners
but it seems that the
younger Mom's
had found Pinterest...

before I did.

This is nothing to do with
our kiddos artistic skill,
and everything to do
a slightly outta touch Mom!

So this time we went ALL OUT!
We made up for the 
21 "kinda good" banners, 
with this Pinterest original!

It was a fun family project!

Her day finally came on 
Saturday, July 25th, 2020!

I love that all of her 
older sisters
 helped her get ready!
I should have gotten a pic of 
7 girls crammed into a small bathroom!
With curling irons, 
lip gloss and blush!

Mary has been with us for 15 months
and it feels like forever-
 in a really good way!
She is 100% part of our family!
A blessing everyday!

We arrived at the church...
not early
just in time!

That's kind of the way 
we do things 
whether we mean to 
or not! 
It just happens that way...

Just thankful we weren't late!

Mary and her very proud parents!


Which means in Latin, 
A Gathering in HIS HOLY NAME!

This is the old church, 
that was built in 1912!
The newer building is connected.

Because of current restrictions
our whole family could 
not attend the service.

It was only Mary, Mom, Dad, Grace 
and Ava that could be there.

It was a beautiful service,
a wonderful sermon
and a very meaningful day
for our girl!

Thank you Father Steve and Father Colin!
You are both such a blessing to us!

And it just so happened that this girl,
one of the hairstylist
and make up artists,
forgot to take off her p.j. bottoms!

The five of us went out to brunch 
after the ceremony
and had a wonderful time!

What a blessed day!
Now our dear daughter, 
the last one of 22 kiddos,
 can receive the body and blood of Christ,
our beautiful savior!
And she understands the transubstantiation!

from Whom ALL

PS- sorry for some of the 
irregularities in this post.
Blogger has changed their format
and it's gonna take awhile 
for me to figure it out!


Jennie said...

Mary's dress is very becoming, and matches well against her olive skin. . That dimple makes a beautiful face. And I did not realize she is as tall as Father Steve and Father Colin:-))

Thank you for sharing her special day.

ZetteLolo said...

A wonderful and blessed girl in a wonderful and blessed family ! Love your smiles !!