Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Q and A time!

It's been a long long time since 
I've done a Q and A post!

So here goes,
ask away!
I'll do my best
 to answer your questions!

Keep it appropriate and kind, please!
Thank you!

Terre asked-

hi jean, i have a question. how do you keep all the clothes straight with so many kids the same size? do you use a family closet and they all share ? laundry must be amazing at your house. your kids always look so nice, just wondering how you do it.


Since our kids are older now, it's easier to keep the clothes straight!
They know what's theirs and what's not.
(I don't, but they do! AND it matters to them!)

Around the ages of 11-12, they stopped sharing their clothes.
When they were younger we would have the closet shelves labeled-
Size 8 leggings, size 10 jeans, size 8 long sleeve shirts, etc.
It worked out great and they shared everything!

However, with age and maturity, 
this has changed.
They absolutely do NOT 
want to share clothes, now.
They will borrow some things 
to another sister 
such as shirts and sweaters, 
but that's it.  

As kids grow out of clothes 
we hand them down!
They LOVE hand me downs!

Laundry is NEVER done at our house!
It's ongoing!
We are in the thought process 
of improving this situation!

Some of the older girls enjoy 
doing the laundry while others 
are good at folding. 

We tap into their strengths 
and all work together 
to keep it going!

Our three younger boys 
(Jake 13, Joe 12 and Luke 11) 
still share clothes.

And our two youngest girls 
(Grace 12  and Mary 12)
 share "some" clothes. 

Almost everyone has their own dresser 
and their own shelves in the closet.
They have their own spot for hanging clothes...
unfortunately, some of that space 
happens to be in our closets...

Because we are in MN and 
have very different seasons,
we have to store the off season clothes 
in storage.
It's not my favorite spring and fall task 
but we all work together and 
go through a plethora of clothes!

These kids are absolutely amazing!
We feel so blessed
to be there parents!
Thank you Jesus!


Mama M said...

I enjoy your blog. Thought I had a lot of kids (10) but you are far more brave. I love that you give God the glory. I never anticipated some of my adoptees (7) would never grow into independent adults. I’m now legal guardian for 2 of them. Do you see all of your adoptees as becoming independent? If this is too much information to share, I totally respect that.

Unknown said...

Coming from a large family, not large like yours, but large by 2.5 kid standards.... Which siblings are besties? Which siblings rub each other the wrong way? Do the bios pick favorite littles!?! (We have had foster kids and my bios, (apallingly) ((ha ha)) pick favorites! Not that the little kids know, but I KNOW!) How much external help do you bring in? I am fascinated and totally jealous & impressed with your family. Amazed that all your children (always) look fully loved and happy. Only peace and hopes for your joy from me to you.

alisonsze said...

I love your blog too- your captions always make me smile and often giggle. The “kids” are growing up so quickly and looking bigger each time you post. Thank you for posting and sharing. I don’t have any specific questions but wondering if you’d be able to share more about parenting tips, discipline, boundaries, prioritizing marriage and personal care. Best wishes to you and your family! P

Jennifer said...

Love your family and have missed your blogposts!

Do you see any of your children attend college/university one day? I think they are all amazing so I wouldn't be surprised!

Thanks for considering my question.

juf Charlotte said...

Hi Jean! Been following your blog for years and years now. Did Sarah move out? I didn’t see her on the recent pictures.

Jennie said...

So enjoy reading your blog. The children are always neat and well dressed. And it is amazing how they have thrived.

Wondering if there are any picky eaters and if so, how do you handle this situation?

Thank you.

MC said...

You seem to have so much space in your home and so much land! Can you write about that?

Emma F said...

What does it look like for your family to honor your children's Chinese heritage and to raise them in the United States with the racism against Asian Americans?

terre said...

well thanks for staring off with my question!!!! i am honored. it sure sounds like you are one heck of an organized gal!

Mama C said...

How do you handle behavioral issues? I would assume that some of the kids struggle with emotional control based on their past trauma.

Momto7 said...

With multiple special needs, how do you handle all the speech therapy appointments, specialist/doctor appointments, and psychological counseling appointments for the kids? Does someone help you drive and attend all those appointments? Also, how do you handle all the extracurricular activities (sports) and other interests they have outside of the home? Do you have other people who help with the driving? Do you have sitters that help with those who are at home while you go out to the various appointments and sports practices? Where do you find extra help with it all? Do you have relatives who live nearby who help out at times?