Thursday, September 10, 2020

Wrapping Up the Summer!

Summer.... please don't end!

Oh my, we have enjoyed every minute of you!

Emma, Bennett and Ellie are shucking the corn!

Our favorite summer meal is cheeseburgers and corn on the cob!

Our favorite indoor summer pastime was pokemon cards/games
and of course video games.

We even had to put the cards and games away 
so we could focus on the start of school.

The superintendent, principal and teacher(that's us) were having a very hard time
getting the students to do their school work!

Trampoline time with the grandkids!

We have a few budding photographers
and some unruly subjects!

Treats help!

And they were able to capture this lovely photo of
Quincy, Coco, and Sunny!

Good job Madeline, Ava and Emma!

Quincy and Coco really hit it off!
But Sunny wasn't much of a Coco fan!

And, as quickly as they came...
they left...
Our time together, went much too fast!

Our home was so quiet....
we picked it up and then went swimming...

and missed them even more!
We got used to playing with the three little grandkids in the pool!
I sat down and read a book...
how lonely is that?

Okay, I confess, it was great but 
we did really miss them!

They all eventually got into the water, swam and had a great time!

Our favorite summer activity is SWIMMING!

What on earth are they doing now?
Running because they want to...
No, I did NOT tell them to run!
I'm guessing they were excited for cross country to start!?!

In the summer we LOVE to have cookouts!
Brats, hot dogs, many side dishes and

At this cookout,
we happened to have some unwanted and uninvited guests!

So we had to cover up
bc they wanted to eat, too!

We had to eat a little faster than usual
and head back inside so we didn't get eaten alive!
If we start our cookout a little earlier, we are usually okay.
Plus, earlier in the summer our friends 
the dragonflies and frogs help us out!

We are spending some time campaigning
this fall, for our favorite potential 
State Senator,
Greg Pulles!

Greg is a great guy and he will do an excellent job!

The kids had fun passing out the flyers!

and running from house to house!

Good job Abby!
Madeline was our designated photographer!

She did a GREAT job
capturing the fun and spirit of the afternoon!

Our kiddos are such a blessing to us!

They have come so far in their short lives!
They are embracing family life, parents, homeschooling, 
being healthy, and loving Jesus!

People often say to us how do you do it with so many?
And we say, how do you do it without so many!

We all work, play and laugh together!

Great job Melissa and Abby!
Love the before and after Madeline!

Plus a little PR at the grocery store!

Hmmmmm, that doesn't look like dinner to me!
I think that's the candy aisle....

Grace has grown out of her first brace and is ready for her second one!
Her scoliosis is stabilized for now!
Love her joyous attitude and smiling face!
She is a treasure!

We are hoping that her core muscles can keep 
her spine straight once she is done growing.
But honestly, at some point she will probably 
need a rod in her back to maintain her posture.

Our cross country kiddos!

Love that they are mingling with the other CC kids!

Way to go Melissa!

And Anna!
Lovely background!
The port a potty and the dumpster!

Next was Jenny with Madeline behind her!

Love that smile!

Yay Ava!
Love your attitude and determination!
You go girl!

Melissa came in 6th place!

Madeline caught up to Anna and was only 1 second behind her!

Sam came in 7th place for the guys!

He's a happy kid!

Sweet Emma spent a lot of time in her floaty ring!
It was a wise purchase for her birthday!
Anna is using Ellie's!

It may have been a little cool for our evening swim
but we loved it anyways!
Melissa is helping Mary with her hair!

Be brave Ellie!
Hop in the water!

Hangin' in the kiddie part of the pool!

Joe and Mary on the floaty trying to swim in opposite directions!
Good luck kids!

This pool is such a blessing to our family!
It's a little costly but 
when we figure 18 people going 5 times a week for 10-12 weeks...
It's a bargain! 

Family movie time!
Mulan was GREAT!

An indicator trees...
Indicating that autumn is near!

Our driveway!
I am hoping to take a pic each week and watch the colors change!

We are seeing more and more signs of fall,
in our yard!

A bountiful harvest of Harralson apples and delicious plums from our trees!
And there is plenty more where that came from!

Once again...
Summer has ended too quickly!

And since I am pretty sure my reason for being in this world 
is to make others feel better
and be thankful they are not me!

Here is a photo for your enjoyment!

Someone had a hard time backing out of the garage!
The garage frame is fine...
the car is not...

And we are ONLY on our 7th of 19 potential drivers...
Jesus be near!