Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Drivers Ed X7

 As soon as they start driving it will

be my civic duty to warn all Minnesotans!

Look out everyone!!!

The roads are not safe! 

The Mulvahill teens, are behind the wheel!

(Melissa is in the dining room)

For now they are just taking the class, 

so you can exhale and not have a heart attack, quite yet.

(Sam is in Dad's office)

7 kiddos taking Drivers Ed remotely

can be quite challenging.

(Jenny is in her bedroom)

We needed to round up 7 computers,

(Abby is in her bedroom)

7 quiet rooms,

(Ava is in the master bedroom)

7 very excited teens,

(Ben is in the piano room)

and get started!
(on time)

(Anna is in my little office)

The hardest part is,
 that we have to get everyone fed before it starts
because it goes for 3 solid hours
and only one short break!

Madeline just missed the age cut off..
So she will wait and do it another time...
Don't worry, she's really not upset about it.
(I asked her to pose and give a look!
she's quite good at "the look"...
note to self!)

(Nuttin but trouble!)

We most definitely, are not getting 7 cars!

Not practical and not possible!

Sharing a vehicle should be really interesting!

(The sweet sisters were sitting so nicely and along comes the bro...)

Ava and Melissa will be our first to work on their "behind the wheel"
and get their actual license.
They are older than most of the kids.

(Movin 'em on over!)

Jenny is going to wait and see 
if she is comfortable driving with her vision impairment.
She is so smart and capable but
her safety and the safety of others is number one!
Her eye dr told us she could drive, 
but that night driving might be hard...
It still worries me a bit...
We will see?

Did you know that laughter is a stress reducer?!
They make me laugh! 
It's a good thing!

Sam is just, too funny...
and sometimes annoying, 
to his sisters!

Ben is as sweet and kind as can be!

Thank you Orono for helping us make this possible!
We are so grateful!

Then, we will see who is ready after those two.

Maturity and responsibility matters in this decision

and we are not in any rush to add too many drivers...

But we are thankful to get this portion(the class) done!

So proud of our hardworking kiddos!

Keep up the good work!



Momma said...

Insurance is going to kill you!!! I hope Minnesota is cheaper than Atlata, Georgia. $150+ per month per teen. OUCH! Love reading about your family. My family has 5 "big" kids too and we have adopted one out of foster care and are in the process of adopting our other two. We've had 24 kids in our home in the last 8 years (but not all at once). You are an inspiration!

Unknown said...

Hi Jean, You so sweetly and honestly responded to my question and I realized I never responded or thanked you. THANK YOU so much for taking the time out of your busy life to write a thoughtful and meaningful response. I loved two parts in particular: "Parenting is more about unconditional love,
safety and health (mind and body) then it is about control" and "Praise God all of the time". I can't tell you how much this resounds with me right now. I am chewing on these thoughts and finding so much encouragement from you. Thank you! You and your family are very special to many of us readers! Thank for your transparency. Bless you all!