Monday, December 28, 2020


It started out as a simple idea and grew from there!

It was mid July when Katie began thinking about Christmas?

What would December 2020 look like
 when it came to the Christmas Holidays and Santa Claus?

With a worldwide pandemic and current Covid restrictions
how would the children be able to visit Santa?

Everyone was in masks,
standing 6 feet apart.
Santa Claus was in the highest risk group
with his age and being a bit plump...

Everything was being cancelled, all activities, gatherings and celebrations.
 The situation was not improving.
In fact it was getting worse with no end in sight.

She couldn't imagine foregoing the magic of the season
especially for her three young children,
ages 6, 4 and 2...
And if she felt that way...
well, there must be many other mom's that felt the same way.

 The season of believing is short... in a child's life.

She thought, if Santa had made it through 
the Spanish Flu, the Bubonic Plague, 
a depression and 2 World Wars-
he surely could make it through Covid.
After all, Santa Claus is magical!

there had to be a plan
otherwise it would be cancelled, 
just like everything else...

First it was a magical idea that came to her...
Second, she wrote a book in the month of July....

Then she had to find a publisher that would
be able to get the illustrations done and approved by her (the author).
 Plus, publish the book... 
in time for the Holidays!
She needed all this done and the book in her hands
by mid October! 

Katie and her family visited us in Minnesota in August. 

During this time the illustrations were being done! 
Katie was critiquing and approving them one page at a time!
She asked me my thoughts, but honestly, 
I didn't have much to offer but encouragement!

While hanging out in our kitchen she 
began planning her marketing strategy.

I think it went something like this-
CALL and EMAIL anyone and everyone...
associated with
Santa groups, department stores, companies, 
malls, resorts, country clubs, parades, ETC!
Anyone who would be interested on having a Snow Globe Santa
during the Christmas season, with the books to explain the story!

If you get a no (or two, or three, or more)...
 don't take it personally, 
just keep on trying!

And little by little more yes's came her way!

The first copies were sent out in mid November!

We were so excited to receive ours in the mail!!

Our kiddos are a bit older than the target age group
but we ALL still enjoy a good Christmas story!

Melissa read it out loud to all of our kids!

Especially a Christmas story that changes the face of Christmas
and helps young children understand why they can't sit on Santa's lap this year.

Honestly, the snow globe is actually a great idea for any year!

I mean, Santa's not getting any younger...

And what a great way to magically, and beautifully protect
others from viruses and germs during the any winter season!
Pandemic or not!

This photo makes my Nana heart melt!

And then...
 this oldest daughter of ours...
had another brilliant idea!

Yep... you guessed it!
She had two of our 15 yr old,
babysitting girls,
fly to Richmond and watch the kids
while she worked on more Snow Globe Santa stuff!

Ava and Melissa were supposed to go 
to Richmond, VA in May
but it was cancelled bc of Covid.

They left the day after Thanksgiving 
and came home 9 days later.
We REALLY missed them... but they embraced the adventure!

They were very excited to spend time with 
their big sis and her family! 
And get a behind the scenes experience 
of Snow Globe Santa!

The books are sold on the
and on Amazon!

Ava, Melissa, Emily and Ali helped package up 
some of the books and send them 
at the post office!

The did some sight seeing!


Hikes, in the great outdoors!

And some baking!

Then, they got their nails done!

A manicure times 4!
Your nails look lovely, ladies!

Andrew just retired from the military 
after serving for 20 plus years!
Now he is helping Katie with Snow Globe Santa 
before he starts his new career with Microsoft in January!

I look at this picture and I see such beauty!
A precious smile and a magical season that
was not lost in 2020!

For a moment in time,
they weren't thinking of a pandemic, viruses or masks!
The Christmas spirit was and is alive this year!

She couldn't be any cuter or more precious!
Thank you Jesus!

This is so tender...
Thank you for your many blessings!

Smiles galore!

and JOY abounds!

The beauty and the magic of Santa!

I want to pick him up and hug him...
but I won't!
I know... I'm not supposed to even think those kind of thoughts!
Maybe next year!

Katie at work, as a photographer!
This is her true passion!

So Katie and Andrew worked while our girls babysat!
She sold books and autographed them! 
At a few location (Richmond and Alexandria/DC), 
she was the photographer!

Here she is, at work!

And this is the photo that was used in the Richmond Times Dispatch!

It was a really nice article and one of the most accurate!

Katie was also interviewed or mentioned in the Washington Post,
LA Magazine, NY Time, Bloomberg, CNBC and NBC 12!

Saturday Night Live did a skit on Snow Globe Santa!
And Jimmy Fallon mention it on his late night show!

I think their matching jackets are adorable...
I mean very good looking!

So often (like every day), I wish they lived closer.
Yes, I am a proud Momma...
I would have loved to have helped her or babysat the grandkids!

The weather is a bit milder in Richmond, VA
 so they could do this outside!

The following photos are either advertising
 or from real families that
had photos taken!

I find it so heartwarming!

Precious children reading the book together!

The actual snow globe took on a few different shapes and sizes!
The first one was more expensive and more difficult to set up.
Then there was the acrylic Snow Globe Santa shield 
that was used at many different sites!

This is the one they liked the most!
It was actually a clear tent that 
they decorated in Holiday style!

Isn't she precious...
Okay, Okay, I'm looking at the older girl 
but the little one is precious, too!

Katie's direct clients were in 19 different states
ranging from California to Connecticut, Minnesota to Texas!
However, Snow Globe Santa was represented in all 50 states!

She also included her 3 children 
in the Snow Globe Santa book on pages 19-20!

And by golly, here they are!

and Ali!

Putting their Santa letters in the mailbox!

And now they get a turn to see Santa
and tell them what they want for Christmas!

Photos taken by two adorable teenage girls!
Such a special moment!
We are happy that this little guy finally took off his
Batman costume and put on his Christmas clothes!

FYI- We have been spelling
since July!
So glad we can finally say his name!

This was their last in person event.
It was a busy holiday season for this family!

When everyone was back home...
They did "read a louds" on Facebook!

The story time was lovely
but for me,
it was a chance to see our grandchildren!

At the second read a loud
they had a guest!

After the story, they had a Q and A
with the jolly old fellow!

So many of you have been so kind and encouraging!
We are so grateful for your support!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy 2021!
Thank you!
Good Night!