Saturday, May 8, 2021

And They Lived Happily Ever After!

And then,
on Saturday, February 27th
was the wedding day!

It was an absolutely beautiful day!
Bright sunshine and comfortable temps!
(if you are a hearty Minnesotan!)

The ladies gathered together 
and prepared for the day!

We met at the Hewing Hotel!
We had a beautiful large room to prepare in!

Esti is helping Kari with her veil!

Perfection and ready to go to 
the "first look"!

Accompanied by her photographer
and their masks!

The first look!
It went well!

We all, 
joined them on the rooftop for photos!

It was such a happy day!

Katie and Andrew came all the way from Virginia!

Me and the man of my dreams!

Kelly and Billy!

Our big kids!
(Missing Matt and Caitlin)

The men!
Welcome Lowell!

Father and Mother of the Groom!

So thankful to be doing 
 all of this,
with you!

Such a FUN couple!

Father and Mother of the Bride!

Meanwhile back at the ranch!

Their clothes, shoes and accessories were all ready to go
and hanging in the office!
We had a timeline all set up
and they did an amazing job!
We are so thankful that they were all 
so capable and cooperative!
It allowed us to be with the adults 
as we prepared for the wedding!

Katie and Andrew left the roof top photos
and went back to our home 
to ride in the limo with the kids!

Selfie of the girls in the limo!

And we all met at the church!
Grateful, Thankful, Blessed!

And look at that precious granddaughter of ours
missing her top front tooth!

The wedding ceremony was perfect
♰ ♡ 🙏

The sermon was beautiful and encouraging!
Esti was the maid of honor and
Johnny was the best man!

...And, I now pronounce you,
 husband and wife!
You may kiss the bride!

This is us!

And this is how we try. to. be!
Thankful for this extra large family!

Which photo do you like best top or bottom?
Thinking Christmas card!?

The whole gang!

Mark and Kari
with their ring bearer- Bennett
and flower girls- Emily and Ali!

Bennett ran all the way down the aisle!
Literally, it was a 2 yr old sprinting!
The girls were graceful and confident!

Anna and Ava read versus during the ceremony!

Our beautiful daughters that live at home!

Our handsome sons that live at home!

The adults rode in the white limo,
 to and from the ceremony/ reception!

All the kids, Katie and Andrew rode in the back limo 
to and from our home and the church!

They loved the limo rides!

I'm hoping these videos will work, 
so you can see them having FUN in the limo!?!

I've gained a daughter!
So thankful!
She loves and adores our son
and he,
loves and adores her!

Our tables had to be 6 feet apart
and they were limited 
on the number of people that could gather.
The tables faced each other so we could easily socialize!
The meal was beyond delicious!
Everything fell into place beutifully!

Johnny was a little nervous for his speech...
He gathered some info and perspective from family members
while he was writing it.

Honestly he is a bit competitive
and he wanted it to be as good...
or better,
then Matt and Billy's!

I would never say one is better or not as good as the others...
just not a Mom thing to do!

and he did get a little teary for a moment...

But, let's just say...
his shpeel, did not disappoint!

He had us rolling with laughter!

Esti's speech was tender and sweet!
These two girls are so close!

Time to cut the cake!

They are so adorable!

They didn't even smear it all over each others face!
Two of the nicest people!

Relaxing and visiting!

It was a perfect wedding and a fabulous day!
Thank you Kris and Lowell!

They will be having a reception in October
with more family, friends and no masks!
Looking forward to celebrating again!

Face timing with big brother Matt!
A great way to end the evening!
He's in Seattle, so it was 2 hours earlier for him!

Thursday, May 6, 2021

The Wedding Shower and the Grooms Dinner!

 This was the BEST February, ever!
AND this is why!

Mark and Kari were engaged in December!

And they decided NOT to wait, to get married!

So they preceded with their wedding plans!

They have been dating for over 5 years!

Many of their friends had to reschedule their wedding
due to Covid and then aren't even sure if the new date will work?

Many venues have gone out of business because of Covid...

So blessed to call these ladies,

Only the immediate family attended!
So this is why Katie and her family were in town for the week!

We sure had FUN celebrated the bride to be, Kari (Car-ee)!

SIL Kelly had this made from one of their engagement photos!

What a GREAT idea Kelly!

Our small but extremely FUN group of ladies!

While we were having FUN,
the guys were also,
 having fun!

Yep, they took Mark axe throwing!

you have a sharp object in your hand!

A couple of tough guys!

Dang, they're good!

The groom!
Look out Kari!

He's military, so he knows what he's doing!

Way to go Billy!

It's such a manly thing to do!

Center stage is our bride to be!

This was Wednesday of the wedding week... 

and by Friday we were celebrating at the Groom's Dinner!

We could not gather at a restaurant or any venue 
with more than 6 people soooooo
we did the best we could... 

and transformed a conference room (at Mark's work)
into a party room!

... maybe we should have shut the shades?

But we didn't notice...

we just celebrated the bride and groom to be!

I wish I knew what they were saying!
We are pulling off the impossible!

Our family has just gained 4 new members!
Welcome Kari, Esti, Kris and Lowell!

Kari and Esti are twins!

Dinner was delicious and 

the evening was fun and relaxing!

It was a wonderful time to get to know each other even better!

Where are our younger kids?
sometimes the adults need time together.
With all the restrictions, a larger group did not work out.
But that was okay, our younger kiddos, who are no longer littles...
where with the grands at home!

Somehow, things work out and we are so thankful for that!

Mom and her beautiful daughters!


Our bride to be!

Tomorrow is the big day!

Ready for the tour of Mark's lab!

It was such an amazing week of celebration!

 Our big kids have soooo much fun together!

Eight of our ten bigs!
Matt and Caitlin.

And the next post is~
the wedding!