Tuesday, October 19, 2021

But Later in August... this happened!

Does anyone notice a few extra kids in there?
NO, we didn't adopt again!

Not even the dog...
although we do have a few dog stories coming up!
Since they are all pointing to Sam...
it must mean...

You may have already guessed it!
Sam turned 15 in August...
I can't believe it, they are all getting soooo 
grown up!

wait a second...
who's that handsome young dud in the super power undies?

These amazing young kiddos are our grandchildren!
(You probably already know that... :-))
And we are crazy excited that they are here!

I see a photo bomber!
What she doing here? 
More on that, in a bit!

Happy, Happy 15th Birthday Sam!

You have been home since April 1st 2011...
and the blessings just keep coming!
Thank you Jesus!

He loves his nieces and nephew,
and is so good with sharing the spotlight with them!

The kids have loved the pool this year!
It's been a hot summer, so it was greatly appreciated!
Sam, Melissa and Anna have worked on their diving 
and definitely regained their skills from pre-Covid 
PLUS they have excelled in new dives!
 It is so much fun watching them!

Anna for the rebound!
She was on track to be 4 ft 5 in.
This sweet girl wore that same outfits year after year 
and wasn't growing.
Of course, that didn't bother me!
I love keeping them little
it also wasn't supposed to be this way...
Her growth hormone was too low
and she needed help to grow.

Anna did the growth hormone shots for many years. 
When she was just over 5ft 2.5 in they stopped 
and now she is over 5 ft -4 in! 
They last couple inches were all on her own!
Way to go honey!

Emily LOVES her Aunties!
Grace, Madeline and Emma!

Woohoo! Go Ali!
She is flyin outta the slide!

I don't think this angle quite works for a photo!
I mean... I had no problem with it...
but they seemed too! LOL

It's a triple win for Aunties Abby, Melissa and Ava!

Nice shot, Ellie!

There's lil dude!
Thank you Mia, for keeping an eye on him!

Uncle Sam and Emily!
Everyone LOVES watching Sam dive!

I love how they enjoy games and activities!
They can hang out with each other and with old and new friends!
These kids... teens, amaze us everyday!

LOVE this family!
And, so thankful they are here!

It just so happens to be Bennett's 3rd birthday!
Time to celebrate!

Nothing better than yard tools and a t-ball set!
(Kinds feels like weapons, doesn't it!
Just a bit concerned, as I was taking the photo!)

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Bennett!

He has a lot of girlfriends!
(FYI- you have as many girlfriends or boyfriends as there are candles still lit!)

Second try...
still too many girlfriends!
Thank goodness I'm only the Nana!
These parents have their job cut out for them!

My kiddos got the bday pic down!
We're still workin with the grands!

And of course,
more FUN at the pool!
At this point,
we were counting down the days!

An end of the year photo at the pool!

So long summer!

Enjoying the last bit of pool time
before it closes!

Go Melissa!
She can be competitive 
but only in the kindest way!

And after all that hard work of unpacking and swimming
and, and, and...
a cookout is the perfect dinner!

The grandkids adore our teens and tweens!

Such a wonderful time together!
Having FUN and creating memories!
Thank you Jesus

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Early August you were Awesome!

VBS was held in August this year!
All of our kids are too old to be "in it"!
So they all volunteered to help "run it"!
They were all so excited to be part of it!

They were lead teachers, assistant teachers, singers, outdoor game leaders,

crafts helpers, snack helpers and actresses!
It was a great week and everyone was disappointed when it ended!
I'm so proud of their hard working (and fun loving) attitude!

The HopeKids 5K was back!
Anna, Johnny and Ellie were on one of the advertisements 
from a few years ago!

The kids have been running all summer 
with the Orono High School Cross Country team!

They were all ready to run the 5K!

And I was ready to WALK it!
Hubby and I walked over 400 miles in 2020 
and this year we should do over 500 miles!

It was an exceptionally beautiful morning for run/walk!

They had food and activities after the events!

Our kids LOVE to tye-dye!
A few of the kids forgot to wear gloves while tye- dying!
They had very colorful hands when they were done!

There was rock climbing!

Melissa  and a few other kids made it to the top!

As it got warmer,
water balloon slinging became a very good choice!

Mary had a direct hit on Grace, quite a few times!
Grace had a great sense of humor about it!
And took it all in stride!

Nerf wars and games were exceptionally fun for our boys!

We had Ben, Sam, Jake, Anna, Joe and Luke out there at one point!

I was so happy to finally see my sister and SIL "in person"!
What a blessing to spend time visiting and having dinner together!

I LOVE this simple summer dress!
Thanks A, are you sure you don't want it back!
It was my easy "go to" dress all summer and it has pockets!

If you go back a few posts, 
you will find my most embarrassing moment...
this was the spot...
I really feel like I could do it...
(leap the landscape)
the saga has ended and now we will NEVER know!

I sent hubby and a couple kids to the store to get CAT FOOD...

Hmmmm, yep...
and this is what they came home with!
That's a funny looking cat on that bag!
(At least the dogs liked it!)

Jim's first cousin and his wife spent an evening with us!

It was so wonderful to reconnect with Carol and Tim!
They are from Texas and they were in MN for a family reunion!
I am so glad the contacted us and we were able to get together!
The kids made us pizza dinner and we were spent the evening visiting!
We shared our journey's!
Life is NOT a straight line...
LOVE their faith!

Thank you Carol and Tim for the beautiful flowers!
And for the blessed time together!