Sunday, February 21, 2021

Our Birthday Club!


Honestly, these ladies are such a blessing!

We have celebrated each other since our five older kids were little!
They all have children that "age wise" intermingle with our big 5 kids.
Now, they are adults, married or getting married, working, 
being adults and many have children!

We share grandchildren joys and marvel over the adorable photos!
We remember stories of when our children were young!
We share the heartache of ailing and aging parents.
And then together, mourn their passing.
We laugh often, cry sometimes
and love each other well!

Because of COVID
we celebrated in the safety of the fresh air!

Carol made a backyard winter wonderland
for us to celebrate in!
Complete with ice luminaries, party lights, snow table,
fire pit, cozy chairs with cushions and fresh tulips!

Okay, I'll admit it...
I was skeptical!
I wanted to celebrate inside...
I was wrong!
It was a perfect evening to celebrate outside and
we did it right before the deep freeze came to MN!

This is the birthday girl!
She is a blast and quite possibly the one 
that got this group together!
We'll call her the instigator!

We all bundled up, brought extra blankets 
and a thermos for a beverage!

I told you there were REAL tulips!

Homemade chili and corn bread was served!
They are all empty nesters 
that are also 
amazing cooks, welcoming hostesses, creative in every way,
funny comedians and lovely singers!
I am a bit of an anomaly within the group 
but still very accepted and loved!
I don't like to cook.
I can't sing.
I have a "few" children still at home. (LOL)

Happy Birthday dear friend!

You look marvelous and warm!

The ladies wrote a song to the tune of
"I Saw Her Standing There"!
I believe one of the original Beatles joined us
(photo above)!

And we ALL love to take photos!
It was a perfect magical evening!
And now we are trying to make a 
winter wonderland
fire pit area, in our yard!
Hoping it works!

We all need friends. 
We need the love and support that they provide.
We need an opportunity to be validated and
a chance to give back what they give to us.

I am very thankful for this lovely group of ladies!
I hope that you also have friends 
that you can laugh, cry and love with!
HUGS and God's Blessing to you!!

Welcome to the Junior High Cafeteria!

Formally known...
as our home!

The noise level has increased
a bit since our kiddos are now 12-20 yrs old!

Yes, things have changed drastically at our house!

We used to have sweet little kiddos with matching outfits
running around the house!
(Those were the days my friend,
we thought they'd never end....)
Okay, I'll stop!

And then, 
in the blink of an eye,
they all became tweens, 
teens and young adults!

And now we live in the junior high / high school cafeteria...
-where everyone is ALWAYS hungry!
-and everyone speaks VERY loudly
-and food is found in places it shouldn't be
and we often hear,
it wasn't me!

We find articles of clothes, that supposedly don't belong to anyone?
Shoes that were put away but actually... are not put away?
Skirmishes that were started by "not me"?
A definite certainty of being right... when they're not!
Balled up sock being thrown across a room,
usually at someone!
Chocolate chips that disappear when 
no. one. has eaten them!

It's a mysterious world we live in!
The house of never ending tweens and teens!

The adjustment took me/us awhile 
to get used to...

For me, parenting littles is easier.
Everything is just more simple,
less complicated.
Joys are easily shared, laughter is sweet, 
motives are simpler.
And they just plan love 
their Mommy and Daddy!

Now there is bargaining,
Jokes that they get... 
that I wish they didn't get

The bachelor on TV!
Yep, they(the teens not the tweens)
 found it and like it...
So guess what we are doing on Monday nights!

It's the way it is, 
We are watching it and critiquing the potential 
Mrs. Matt James, 
Hoping he finds the right woman to be his wife!
And we are trying notice to good qualities in the contestants 
and point out those that are not so virtuous...

Luke is our youngest at
12 yrs old!
He came home at three yrs. 1 month...
I literally heard God's voice and He said-
"He is your son."
It would take many mountains to be moved
in order for him to be our son...
Including a risky open heart surgery in Israel...
2 years later we brought him home!

For now,
Mia(19 yrs) is really thankful to be back home!
She is working on getting her drivers license!
She has saved up money and will buy her own car!
We are so proud of her hard work, determination
kindness and helpfulness in the home!
She has really matured beautifully
plus she is a lot of FUN!
Her siblings love and adore her!

Ava, Melissa, Abby and Jenny (not pictured)
will all be taking their permit test soon!
They are all 15 yrs old

Our neighbors are awesome!
A herd of 8 deer!

Life with our 16 at home...
is a blessing!

I bet you are wondering...
How on earth, does it work?

It works because these kids
are amazing!
We all work together!
They are kind, caring, thoughtful,
hard working, considerate, fun, accepting
and so much more!

Happy 15th Birthday Abby!

Empathy is crucially important
and it is a characteristic that they have!
They do not blame others for their life journey...
We are thankful that they are not stuck on the blame game
and finding fault with others, 
but instead move forward positively!
They ARE competitive and always give it there all
they are not competitive with each other.
Instead they cheer each other on!
They embrace the life
and work with the talents they have.

They have kind hearts and 
they are considerate of one another.
It makes our home a lovely place to be!

Sometimes Hubby and I look at each other 
and are amazed a God goodness!

Oreo Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory!


Abby and Luke came home together in December 2011!
They are very much brother and sister and have a special bond
like Ava and Sam, who also came home together!

Abby is amazing!
One of us, takes her to her transfusion every 3 weeks
and it's a delightful day!
We have to arm wrestle to see who gets to go!
Thank you Children's MN Hemoc!

Truly, tweens and teens aren't so bad!
They are a lot of fun
despite the noise level!

The poor UPS driver didn't get enough momentum 
to get up the hill on our driveway.
He started to slide backwards and turn sideways!
It was quite the surprise as we turned 
into the driveway with Sylvia the Sprinter van!
Thank goodness I didn't get to far down 
or we would have slid into him!
Sylvia is not so great in the snow and on the ice...

Blessings to you!