Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Look Who Came to Visit!

So, in February,
just a few months ago,
we were blessed!

He hung out with us for the whole day!

While the rest of his wonderful family
did this!

It was a Nana's dream come true!

What a wonderful cuddle time for Nana, 
with my sweet grandson!

Everyone enjoyed spending time with Bennett!

He lives in Virginia, 
so snow that stays on the ground
 is a bit of a novelty!

I love his little smirk in this photo!

He loved the snow and 
he loved the photos of him playing in the snow!

His truck went everywhere, with him!

I guess he was a little hungry!

He loves trucks, toys, everything Toy Story, his aunties and uncles and being read too!
At the end of the day,
he was quite happy to see his 
Mom, Dad and sisters!

We attempted an outdoor
gathering spot!

Not quite as nifty as our friend's but 
it still worked out well!

And provided a wonderful spot for a winter cookout!

The kids and the grandkids loved it!

Cook your own hot dog or brat!
Chips, salad, fruit and an Izzy to drink!

And s'mores for dessert!

This little guy LOVED his s'more!

Papa has a nice fresh haircut!
I wonder why?
You'll find out in the next post!

Once a week we have pizza night 
and we make chocolate chip cookies!
Looks like it was Bennetts turn to make the cookies!

The kids did some baking!

Many hands make light work!

The benefits of baking with your Aunties!

And even more benefits when you get to frost your own cupcakes!
That's the way I like it...
dripping in frosting!




Lots more happened this week 
you will have to wait for the next post
 to find out what all the excitement was about!

Stay tuned!

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