Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Respite in Warmth!

Our time in Florida was short but sweet! 
We are so thankful to have had this moment together!

We didn't have plans to go this winter...
until the winter started to feel a bit,
toooo long...

So, at the last minute
we planned a 6 day getaway!
(counting travel days)

It was fantastic 
but we would have loved
a few more days away!

But when we plan last minute,
we just take whatever we can get!

The sunsets never get old
and are always a priority
each evening!

One of these days... I will join them!

Yoga on the beach, 
looks like FUN!

This is one smart pelican!
He's fishing, where the fish are being caught!

Our second day, was the partly cloudy day and then rain in the afternoon.

We didn't mind!

We took a great walk in the morning, 
had coffee on the beach and 
then enjoyed a pina colada at noon!

By the time the clouds came, 
we were cuddled in our condo, 
and reading/ working to the pitter patter of the peaceful rain

And the next day was perfect!

It's quite fun walking through the sea gulls!
Either they scurry away or take flight!
It's just a beautiful experience whatever they do!
(Unless they pee on you... then it's funny and yucky!)

We walked from one end of the beach to the other! 
It's 5 miles from tip to tip!

With all the walking we have done at home, 
it felt easy and exhilarating!

 Once again, morning coffee and afternoon pina colada 
were a fun part of the day!
Along with a the peaceful background sounds of the ocean,
relaxing time together
the warmth of the sun!

Our little home on the beach was perfect for the two of us!
The view is breathtakingly beautiful!

We read books, hubby did some work and
I just love praying while staring our at the ocean!

As the sun began to set we enjoyed a glass of wine!

It's just so peaceful and so lovely!

Jim and I are doing the Marion Consecration
with our 8 confirmation kiddos!

We usually do it all together when we are home 
but since we are apart for a couple days
we did our lessons on the deck,

over looking the beach
and the sunset!

With my favorite person,
after a perfect relaxing day...

Okay I'm sorry, I'm doing this to you....
I apologize!
(Thank goodness spring is here!)

Once again the sunset did not disappoint!

It never grows old!
And it's unique each evening!

This evening, the glow stayed longer than usual!

And then this happened...
This was our view for the next 24 hours...

Food poisoning...

Redemption came the following day!

A walk on the beach-
 both of us moved a bit slower!
Morning coffee was good but not great!
We were just leaving the jello, popsicle, 7-up phase...

The sunset, once again was breathtakingly beautiful!
The sun rays mean that God is near and watching over us!

I'm still recovering
(it hit me a bit harder than hubby)!
So I'm already in my jammies on the deck!

On our last partial day-

We had a pina colada...
just to prove to ourselves that we could have one,
 if we wanted one!
Didn't taste quite as good
after the food poisoning...

And then a last look at the beach 
before heading home!
Our time in Florida was wonderful,
but truly,
"There is no place like home"!

A huge THANK YOU to our son, Johnny for staying with the kids!
They loved their time with him and he did an awesome job!

And thank you to Jennifer and Megan for your help!
You are both such a blessing to us!

Praising God for this vacation time together!

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