Sunday, June 13, 2021

Permits and Prom!

 Look out LOCALS!
We have three new permit drivers!

Jenny, Ava and Melissa have their permits, now!

The cute little red car behind them 
will be one of the cars they practice in 
and drive once they have their license!

Along with this big bad boy!

there are 5 more teens right behind them!
I'm not shuddering in fear...

YOUR shuddering in fear!

Okay, I am... 
shuddering in fear, (too)!

Hubby has always done "the parent part" 
of behind the wheel...
but this job is much too big for one person...

Are you available?

OKAY, okay, 
I plan to be part of the driving crew...
Nervous Nelly here!

If you think of us- please pray!
If you live in the area
please give us grace and a lot of space!

Jennifer, Melissa and Ava went to their first prom this year!

I had to leave early to volunteer at the check in table.
They girls did everything on their own
and helped each other out!

Sometimes this life of ours leaves me,
jaw dropped!
It is so often,
 a blessing beyond belief! 

To have this opportunity to
 do, all of this over again
and derive so much joy from it,

Hubby took all the photos of our 
beautiful daughters!

I'm sorry...
It was challenging for me to decide 
which pic to keep and which ones to delete...

So I just kept them....

I think he did a really good job!
Of course he had a lot to work with!

This crew got their early with me
and volunteered to help out at Prom!

I was at the "check in" table!
That way, I could see all the beautiful young ladies 
and handsome young men that were attending Prom!

It was a beautiful sunshiny day
But the temps were slightly cool.

Prom was at a barn with a cowboy theme!
(A very nice and mostly finished barn!)

Passing out dinner to a
large crowd, 
is an easy task for these kiddos!

Every night is a banquet at our house!
We all work together for all of our meals!

We went to the barn a couple days in advance 
and helped with decor!
It was so much fun!
 The oldest lady there was on the tallest ladder...
reaching toward semi unreachable places!
Ain't gonna say who it was but feel free to use your imagination!

It was such a joyful evening!
We left at about 8:00 and the girls stayed 
with their friends to enjoy the rest of the party!

Such lovely teens!

The helpers were awesome
and next year they will be attending Prom!

The homeschool coop did an AMAZING JOB!

Hubby came back at 10:30 to supervise the campfire!
They helped with clean up and 
came home around 12:30!

Such a wonderful evening!

Thursday, June 3, 2021

Our Many Spring Birthdays!

We have many birthdays to celebrate in the spring!

It all started in March with-
big brother Billy,
and Jenny's 16th!
In April we have
grand daughter Emily's 7th,
Jakes 14th,
Anna's 15th,
brother in love Andrew,
and big bro Mark
Onto May,
sister in love, Kari,
Ben's 15th,
Grace's 13th,
my 29th bday (;-)
Mary's 13th!

Sarah's birthday is in the spring, too.
We thought of her and prayed for her on her special day.

That's 13 Birthdays!

Birthdays at our house
are a high caloric event!
We don't hold back!

We eat healthy most of the time
but when it comes to birthdays
we enjoy ourselves

Up first is Jennifer!
No more Jenny... 
it's only Jennifer, now!
Our kids LOVE celebrating their birthdays!

Although they are now mentioning their age...
How can they be that old...
and time is going by much toooo fast...

Even Teddi the baby BerneDoodle is pointing to Jennifer!

White Birkenstocks for the summer!

and... a slightly nerdish gift...
a calculator for Algebra 1!

Jennifer chose oreo cookie cheesecake!

The love lighting the candles!

Happy 16th Birthday to our beautiful daughter!

She is so good natured 
and is always making us laugh
with the funny things she says!

Our oldest grand daughter Emily turned 7 the very next day! 
She celebrated with her family in Virginia!
Next year she will be celebrating her birthday with us!

Jake share's his birthday with Emily!

Jake turned 14!
It's hard to believe, he is already 14...
He is still a kids at heart!

Presents are sooooooo fun to get!

Jake chose a DQ cookies and cream ice cream cake!
In the morning the birthday child goes with Dad 
to get donuts and a special drink of their choice 
from Starbucks or Caribou!

Next up is Anna!
The next day after Jake's bday is her bday!

Anna turned 15 yrs old
and she LOVES her birthday!
You can see her positive energy!

Presents ROCK!

And so do puppies!

Anna chose Baker Square pies for her birthday!

French Silk, Lemon Meringue and Strawberry Rhubarb

Pie is a great break from the usual birthday cake!

In China they did not celebrate birthdays.
The kids really didn't even know how old they were.
Sometimes a caregiver would tell them
but oftentimes they would add an extra year onto the age.

Not sure why but they were considered one year old when they were born?

We love to hang out and visit in the evening!

After Anna's birthday was-

Next up, here at home
was Ben!

It was a beautiful day
so we opened gifts outside!

The algebra calculator!

A watch, swim shoes to protect his feet when he is swimming and more!
Grace and Ben have to wear swim shoes.
They cannot feel the bottoms of their feet,
so we want to protect them from 
burning the feet on the hot cement or 
cutting them on the rough bottom of the pool.

A timer for chess and a travel chessboard!
Sam and Ben are really into chess!
They took a class on it and are quite good!

Ben chose a snicker cheese cake!
It was super good!

Happy 15th Birthday Ben!
The kids pick out the dinner for the evening!
Ben had ribs and all the fixings to go with it!
And after dinner we watched a marvel movie!

We celebrated with the big kids on the Sunday before my birthday!
It was so much FUN!
Thankful for their love, kindness and support!

And next it was our turn!
Grace and Mom!

It was a beautiful day outside!
Grace had her special drink from Caribou and an Oreo donut!
Plus, we bring donuts home for everyone!
After BKF, hubby and I took a nice walk!
We stopped at 3 miles because it was quite warm outside.

And then the celebration began!

Grace is such a blessing!

We took turns opening our gifts!

Grace is so happy to be 
a full fledged 

She chose red velvet cake and I chose chocolate fudge!

Happy Birthday to us!

This is Grace blowing out her candles...
AND, my hubby ready to snap a not so complementary 
photo of me with me cheeks all puffed out...

So I'm letting him know that he cannot do that...
and by doing that I got even a worse pic taken of me...

And Grace is trying to hold back from laughing
while still blowing out her candles...

We went to our favorite Chinese Restaurant for dinner!
The kids were all so kind and generous!
I got some wonderful gift cards to 
Starbucks, Panera, and Cheesecake Factory!

Mia and Melissa gave me a gift, beautiful smelling soaps!
So thankful for our amazing children!

Our last spring birthday belongs to Mary!
Only 2 days after Grace's 13th bday,
Mary joined her as an official teenager!

The weather did not cooperate
so we were stuck in the house...
until we decided...
let's go out for LUNCH!

So we went to the Panera near our house...
and low and behold,
they didn't have soup...
so we went to Chipotle
and they recently made the corporate decision
 to only allow orders online...
I had never done that before.... 
and 15 individual orders felt overwhelming to this Mama...
so we went to another Panera, 
where there was a big huge line...
and there we ate!

It was worth the wait!
Delicious soup on a cold rainy day was perfect!

This sweet girl is a pure white golden doodle...
She had a bath just a couple days ago...
I'm telling the truth!

While we were at Panera, I had earned enough points for a pastry!
I chose my very favorite, a kitchen sink cookie!
I hid it in my purse for the next day!

Well, this little girl is getting bigger...
she jumped up on my desk and 
took the FREE Kitchen Sink cookie out of my purse
and ATE IT, along with the wrapper around it...
 Because there is chocolate in it,
we were concerned and took her to the vet.

$100 later and 2 hours later she came home...
she was just fine...
I guess that cookie wasn't so free after all...

Mary has the best attitude!
She just rolls with it
and laughs at the irony of it all!

Happy 13th Birthday dear Mary!
You are officially a teenager!
You and 12 other siblings!
(Run for the hills!)

She loved her gifts!

And her new hobby is coloring by numbers!
Along with riding her bike, listening to music, reading and
jumping on the trampoline!

Home 2 years and doing so well!
Grateful, Thankful, Blessed

Many of the older kids are getting busy and some are working!
So, not everyone can be at everything.
We just continue to celebrate
throughout the day
and they get a piece of cake
when they get home!

At this moment,
everybody is singing...
Honestly, we don't have the best voices...
But we make up for it 

Love the look on her face as she
thinks of her birthday wish!

Look at the huge dimple of hers!
Love it!