Monday, July 26, 2021

What Started as Hospitality, Turned into a Blessing!

It has become such a beautiful tradition!
Every spring we have the Catholic Studies students
from the University of St Thomas, over for dinner!

It is not a class but instead a wonderful group of students 
that desire to grow in their Catholic faith.
They meet weekly for fellowship, prayer, study, support
and so much more!

They are a FUN group of college students!
And it was a wonderful spring evening for a game of "lightning"!

When we started doing this about 4 yrs ago,
We did it to share about adoption, marriage, family
relationships and hospitality.
We did it for the students and for our friend, the priest
(Fr Howe and Fr Evans),
that originally served at our parish.

But the blessings...
went both ways.
Now, we look forward to it every spring!
We are being blessed by these amazing, faith filled college students!
Our children, who are now teens,
are being blessed by their positive influence, 
spiritual conversations and deep faith!

Honestly, we couldn't be more thankful
for this spring gathering and tradition!

Some of the students are discerning a calling 
to the priesthood or a nun.
Others are passionate about their faith and share their journey with us!

They are such a refreshing group of young adults!

Our kids LOVE talking with them!

And of course the Avengers and Star Wars were discussed at length!

And all of the new Disney shows stemming from the Avengers!

Good food, good fun and good fellowship!

It makes my heart so full
and so thankful!

We gathered in the family room after the meal 
and prayed together, sang (they have amazing voices), 
we shared our adoption and marriage (40yrs) journey, 
and answered questions at the end.

At the end of evening,
a group went bowling, others had plans 
and some stayed to hang out with the kids!

We already,
 can't wait for next year!

Thank you UST Catholic Studies Group
and thank you Fr. Evans!

Friday, July 9, 2021

The BEST and FUNNIEST Moment of our Childrens Lives...


My MOST embarrassing moment...

Both happened at the same time...

Praise God there were NO PHOTOS taken of that moment!


So here's the story...

We were eating at one of our favorite restaurants,

Rock Elm Tavern in Plymouth, MN!

We would go on Sundays after church (pre-Covid)

and they would have half price kids meals!

It was a great deal $ and a blessing for our family!

As we were leaving, 
the kids were jumping over the landscaping.

You may not know this about me...

(please take this tongue in cheek)

but I was once "quite an athlete"!

I was a jumper-

 high jumper, standing broad jumper (if there was such a thing)

and a leaper over large puddles!

The kids dared me to "leap the landscape"...

At that moment I forgot that I was in my 60's, 

wearing a dress, 

hadn't ran, leaped or landed in 40 plus years...


I was channeling my younger self

and I agreed to the dare...

Lord Jesus in heaven what on earth was I thinking?

A young father with two young children stopped and said...

"I gotta see this"...

About now you should be wishing that I did not accept this challenge.

(I'm wishing that!)

I ran,

I leaped,

(oh my, this gets ugly... If you want, 

you can stop reading now.)

I didn't quite make it.

I landed on uneven ground

and my 60 something year old body

was thrust forward

toward the cement ground.

My legs could barely get under me...

and I put my hand out to catch myself.

My dress flew up and my granny undies were completely exposed...

All of this happened as if it were in 

s l o w  m o t i o n ...

the children's mouths fell open 

and their eyes grew wide

as they watched... in... horror...

at this unexpected sight.

The man quickly said to his adorable, young children,

(who are now traumatized by this granny incident of mine),

"Let's get out of here"

AND then 17 children burst into spontaneous laughter...

(I'm pretty sure even 
Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry 
were laughing, too...)

The children quickly got out their phones and said...

"Will you do that again?"

No children, 

I will NEVER do that again...

Your mother has learned her lesson,

she has been properly humiliated and she will 


do. that. again.

I hope this brought a smile to your face 

and gave you a bit of a laugh!

When ever we talk about it,

they still, hysterically laugh!

I'm feeling humbled... 

well, pretty much humiliated,

but still loved!

This is certain to be shared at my funeral!

Anyone else have a dare for me!

I guarantee it will be entertaining!

Monday, July 5, 2021


In April, we had 8 teens join the Civil Air Patrol!

Their friend had joined it months earlier 
and in January she flew a Blackhawk helicopter!

That was all they needed to know and now 
they can hardly wait for their turn!

They are learning about civil aeronautics,
growth in character,
and service to our community!
 It is an awesome program and they are really enjoying it!

On July 4th they helped at the Delano Parade!

Our kids have not been to very many parades
so this was a wonderful opportunity
to be there while some kids worked at it!

Go carts are always fun to watch
(and to ride in)!

Of course, the local Mayor needs to be in the parade!

Fireman and fire trucks, rock!
And they candy they throw at the crowd is a bonus!

I am particularly fond of those that are watching the parade!

They LOVED the parade!

It was a scorcher outside!
90's with a small breeze...

Gotta have the local dance team!

A very large grocery cart is a nice addition to a parade!

 And as we were watching the parade
we stumbled upon a Cadet
that we knew!

Hello Ava and friend!
We are going to have to get that cool backpack (x8)
with water in so the kids stay hydrated!
Ava's pockets are filled with water bottles...
and maybe a mountain dew!

Horses are another MUST have at a parade!

And of course,
A Senior Queen and a Senior Commodore!
So cute!

Along with local royalty!

We waved at everyone and cheered them on!

A Funny looking truck and 
a motorized picnic bench with an umbrella!
Whodda thunk it!

Maximillian Kolbe is a wonderful saint!

Uncle Sam

A of course, a guest marching band!

Our working kiddos stayed for the carnival
while the rest of us went home to the air conditioning!
(PS- this celebration is new to us 
so we had no idea there was a carnival 
until our kids said, "can we stay for the carnival")!

Well, okey dokie!

They had fun with their friends!

The rest of us went to the pool party!

The younger boys... who are now 12 to 14

(tell me... how did that happen... so quickly)
did the splash contest!

We didn't win but we had fun doing it!

And then, "Dunk the Lifeguard"!
Good throw, Mary!

Nice job Grace!

Grace and Ellie both dunked the lifeguard many times!
Our athletes!

The others joined us at the pool in time for the dive contests!

The cheering section!

The five dive finalist were all Mulvahill's!
Gymnastics, trampolines and lots of swimming have paid off!
Way to go kiddos!
Sam was the winner but a lawsuit 
was almost filed in protest of his victory!

You see, on Sam's first dive attempt he lost his balance and fell into the water!
It was quite funny!
Sorry buddy, bad luck, your done...
However, the crowd insisted that he comeback!
So he got another chance (and won)!
Both Sam and Melissa did double front dives!

And then...
their mother made them take the obligatory
4th of July photo
while dressed in our red, white and blues...

They were only semi cooperative...

they'd rather chat then have their photo taken

Thank you guys and gals!
Good job!

But, then there was PROBLEM!

Yep, someone didn't get the memo!

Don't worry... no feelings were hurt during the photography session!

Okay, now we are ready!
Take two!
Thank you kiddos, you're great sports!

Auntie Barbie joined us for a barbecue dinner 
and we all relaxed in the evening, together!

(No fireworks this year, they were sufficiently exhausted!)