Friday, July 9, 2021

The BEST and FUNNIEST Moment of our Childrens Lives...


My MOST embarrassing moment...

Both happened at the same time...

Praise God there were NO PHOTOS taken of that moment!


So here's the story...

We were eating at one of our favorite restaurants,

Rock Elm Tavern in Plymouth, MN!

We would go on Sundays after church (pre-Covid)

and they would have half price kids meals!

It was a great deal $ and a blessing for our family!

As we were leaving, 
the kids were jumping over the landscaping.

You may not know this about me...

(please take this tongue in cheek)

but I was once "quite an athlete"!

I was a jumper-

 high jumper, standing broad jumper (if there was such a thing)

and a leaper over large puddles!

The kids dared me to "leap the landscape"...

At that moment I forgot that I was in my 60's, 

wearing a dress, 

hadn't ran, leaped or landed in 40 plus years...


I was channeling my younger self

and I agreed to the dare...

Lord Jesus in heaven what on earth was I thinking?

A young father with two young children stopped and said...

"I gotta see this"...

About now you should be wishing that I did not accept this challenge.

(I'm wishing that!)

I ran,

I leaped,

(oh my, this gets ugly... If you want, 

you can stop reading now.)

I didn't quite make it.

I landed on uneven ground

and my 60 something year old body

was thrust forward

toward the cement ground.

My legs could barely get under me...

and I put my hand out to catch myself.

My dress flew up and my granny undies were completely exposed...

All of this happened as if it were in 

s l o w  m o t i o n ...

the children's mouths fell open 

and their eyes grew wide

as they watched... in... horror...

at this unexpected sight.

The man quickly said to his adorable, young children,

(who are now traumatized by this granny incident of mine),

"Let's get out of here"

AND then 17 children burst into spontaneous laughter...

(I'm pretty sure even 
Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry 
were laughing, too...)

The children quickly got out their phones and said...

"Will you do that again?"

No children, 

I will NEVER do that again...

Your mother has learned her lesson,

she has been properly humiliated and she will 


do. that. again.

I hope this brought a smile to your face 

and gave you a bit of a laugh!

When ever we talk about it,

they still, hysterically laugh!

I'm feeling humbled... 

well, pretty much humiliated,

but still loved!

This is certain to be shared at my funeral!

Anyone else have a dare for me!

I guarantee it will be entertaining!


Sammie said...

Thank you for sharing, it can happen to any of us. While it may not have been fun for you to relive it, it made me laugh and I'm glad your kids will have this fun memory of their Mom. It shows them its OK to try things, and even fail. Well maybe not fun for you, but your a good sport about it all.

Jennie said...

Totally hilarious and very entertaining!
Glad that no bones were broken nor a hospital visit was necessary.
The related pictures were great visualizers!
AND a good time was had by all~~after the fact😊

tammychase said...

I have a similiar story where i was playfully chasing my toddler around a car dealership while getting my oil changed and my son doubled back, tripped me and i totally wiped out - like slid on my stomach across the floor. I'm sure the security camera caught it all and its probably part of the safety video for new employees haha!