Monday, July 26, 2021

What Started as Hospitality, Turned into a Blessing!

It has become such a beautiful tradition!
Every spring we have the Catholic Studies students
from the University of St Thomas, over for dinner!

It is not a class but instead a wonderful group of students 
that desire to grow in their Catholic faith.
They meet weekly for fellowship, prayer, study, support
and so much more!

They are a FUN group of college students!
And it was a wonderful spring evening for a game of "lightning"!

When we started doing this about 4 yrs ago,
We did it to share about adoption, marriage, family
relationships and hospitality.
We did it for the students and for our friend, the priest
(Fr Howe and Fr Evans),
that originally served at our parish.

But the blessings...
went both ways.
Now, we look forward to it every spring!
We are being blessed by these amazing, faith filled college students!
Our children, who are now teens,
are being blessed by their positive influence, 
spiritual conversations and deep faith!

Honestly, we couldn't be more thankful
for this spring gathering and tradition!

Some of the students are discerning a calling 
to the priesthood or a nun.
Others are passionate about their faith and share their journey with us!

They are such a refreshing group of young adults!

Our kids LOVE talking with them!

And of course the Avengers and Star Wars were discussed at length!

And all of the new Disney shows stemming from the Avengers!

Good food, good fun and good fellowship!

It makes my heart so full
and so thankful!

We gathered in the family room after the meal 
and prayed together, sang (they have amazing voices), 
we shared our adoption and marriage (40yrs) journey, 
and answered questions at the end.

At the end of evening,
a group went bowling, others had plans 
and some stayed to hang out with the kids!

We already,
 can't wait for next year!

Thank you UST Catholic Studies Group
and thank you Fr. Evans!

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